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5 Top Reasons to Compost

Posted in 'Tips and Helpful Hints for Life, Work and the Home, Events and special occasions' on May 5, 2014, 9:00 am
By CEO Kellie Byrnes

This week, May 5-11, is International Compost Awareness Week and to celebrate the great global initiative I thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the many reasons to compost. It’s certainly a growing trend in both Australia and overseas, however many people probably don’t realise just how much impact a choice to compost can have. According to information on the Compost Week website, believe it or not around half of the rubbish that Australians place in their everyday garbage bin could actually be composted instead. If you’re considering starting a compost system in your household, read on for five top reasons not to wait.

Reduce landfill and emissions

One of the biggest positive impacts that composting can have on the environment is the reduction of landfill waste and incineration, which in turn reduces emissions as well. Indeed, for every tonne of food waste that is not sent to landfill, close to one tonne of CO2 emissions is saved. As waste lies in landfill sites it does not receive the oxygen that’s needed to facilitate the decaying process. As a result, this material sends over 3% of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere through the production of methane gas, which has 25 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, when landfill material is burned in garbage dumps the process also releases a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Reduce dependence on fossil fuels

When people use their own compost in their garden, rather than buying commercial fertilisers, they help to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. Home compost heaps utilise a slower, natural method that ensures everything has been properly broken down. Commercial composting methods, on the other hand, oxidise organic matter at a high heat in order to speed up the process. This requires the use of oil-reliant machinery, increasing the use of fossil fuels.

Increase the quality of the soil

There’s no doubt that natural compost is very beneficial for the land. All of the nourishing elements found in your home’s compost add rich organic matter to the soil, since compost created from a variety of materials found in the home harbours lots of vital micronutrients that soil and plants love. Compost helps to add more life forms to the soil as well, meaning that plants grow better as the soil they’re in becomes more aerated. Another benefit of compost is that it also helps to increase the amount of carbon that is retained in the soil, meaning less is let out into the atmosphere.

Save water

Using quality compost in your garden helps to save water too. When you add compost it increases the organic content of the soil and this in turn helps it to hold more water. Once you have nice healthy soil retaining more water, you won’t need to water it nearly as much – this is especially important during the hot summer months.

Save money

If the environmental benefits of composting don’t hit home then consider the fact that by composting you’ll save money too! By creating your own compost out of all of your family’s food and other household waste you will no longer have to spend money to buy fertilisers for your garden and pot plants. Some people also find that by composting they really notice the amount of food that doesn’t get eaten in the home (instead of throwing it in the bin you get to see it every day as it breaks down in your compost). This can have the added benefit of encouraging families to buy less food, to waste less and to be more creative in the use of ingredients – all of which saves money in the long run!

Want more info? Click here to read our article on the 20 things you didn't know you could compost.

Sources: www.Compostweek.com.auand www.GlobalHealingCenter.com

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4 Things to Consider when Choosing a Mother's Day Gift for your Mum

Posted in 'Tips and Helpful Hints for Life, Work and the Home, Gifts for Women, Events and special occasions' on April 3, 2014, 9:00 am

What to consider when choosing a gift for Mum this Mother’s Day

By CEO Kellie Byrnes

When it comes to shopping for gifts for Mum this Mother’s Day, you’re probably a bit stressed about choosing a present for your lovely Mother that will show her how much you truly care. Our Mums take care of us, are there for us through thick and thin, and tend to be our sounding boards through life. How do we go about finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift that says thank you for all of that? Well, we have a few tips for you to consider this Mother’s Day as you look for gift ideas to suit your very own motherly-cheering squad.

Rather than worrying about splashing out on an expensive Mother’s Day gift for your Mum, consider the following ideas:

Think about what your Mum loves most or loves to do

You don’t need to spend loads of cash to come up with a Mother’s Day gift idea that your Mum will love. Instead, stick to gifts that show her you notice her interests and passions. For example, think about buying her a unique gift in her favourite colour, style or industry. If she’s an avid reader, look out for gifts for bookworms. If she’s into her gardening or cooking, check out all those fab new gift ideas that suit chefs and green thumbs. Or if she’s into health and fitness, search for present ideas that will suit that theme. Opting for special gifts like these for Mother’s Day will show your Mum that you care, notice what she talks about and likes, and have put thought into the gift you purchased for her, whether it’s a convenient online gift or one from a local store near you.

Surprise her with something out of the ordinary

Mums often tend to be gifted with the same old gift ideas year after year, so why not think about surprising her with something different this year? You could consider throwing a surprise Mother’s Day party for your Mum, as a way of celebrating all that she does for you, or perhaps take her to lunch or dinner at a new restaurant that just opened, or a creative picnic spot. Perhaps you could take her on an adventure that is new and different to her, and something she won’t forget in a hurry.

Handmade gift idea for Mum on Mother's Day - Dogeared eco-friendly I love Mum necklaceOpt for a handmade gift

Making a gift from scratch can be a lovely way to show your Mum just how much you appreciate her. You could whip up one of her favourite foods, knit her a scarf for the coming chilly months, or write a poem that expresses just how special she is. Whatever you choose, just the fact that you put the time and effort into creating it for her will make it extra special for Mother’s Day.

Spend time with your Mum on Mother’s Day

It’s a fact: one of the Mother’s Day gifts that Mums love best is simply time spent with their children.With a busy life, weeks can easily go by without seeing or chatting to our Mums, so it’s important to remember that Mums just want a little time when it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas. Sometimes a hug and a kiss can be the best present for your Mum ever, and even if you don’t live nearby, you can still ring her on Mother’s Day and spend the time catching up on what has been happening in her life.

Choosing a gift for your mother each Mother’s Day can be quite stressful and challenging, however just remember the best gifts aren’t necessarily the most expensive or extravagant. Opt for a thoughtful gift that you have put time into choosing and your Mum is sure to tell just how much you care.


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Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Events and special occasions' on February 2, 2014, 12:00 am
Here's our roundup of some of the best gift ideas for men this Valentine's Day - because we want to make sure the guys don't get forgotten!!

Vers Audio  Slimline iPhone 4/4S Shellcases plus Vers Audio 1.5R iPod/iPhone Speaker/AM-FM Radio/Alarm Clock . Each product is available in Bamboo or Natural Walnut colours. Apart from being incredibly eco in design, Vers also partners with the Arbor Day Foundation, so 100 trees are planted for every tree that’s used in production. These phone cases are a fantastic eco-friendly gift for men.

Vers Audio Slimline iPhone 4/4S ShellcaseVers Audio 1.5R iPod/iPhone Speaker/AM-FM Radio/Alarm Clock

Resource RevivalBicycle Chain Bottle Opener ($16.95); Bottle Opener Key Chain($14.95). Available in various colours. Great eco gifts for guys that love to cycle, love funky design or like to crack open a beer on a regular occasion!

Resource Revival Bicycle Chain Bottle OpenerResource Revival Bottle Opener Key Chain

Hookturn: Bubbaccinos - reusable, BPA-free silicone cups for espresso drinkers, plus Bubbaccino gift sets, 3 in each set. Various colours available both singularly and in the packs: pink, blue, chocolate, black, and red.

BYO Cups: reusable, BPA-free silicone cups, available in 2 sizes - small, or large, with a variety of different colour combos available. These cups make great gifts for men who love their coffee on the go.


Hookturn Bubbaccino CupsHookturn Bubbaccino Cups

Hookturn BYO CupsHookturn BYO CupsHookturn BYO CupsHookturn BYO Cups

Kate Grenier: Ooh La La, Office, Beer, Happy Hour, Golf - six packs of magnets made from recycled bottle tops. Fun gift ideas for men, with a theme to suit every taste.

Kate Grenier Magnets - BeerKate Grenier Magnets - Happy HourKate Grenier Magnets - Golf

Kate Grenier Magnets - Ooh La LaKate Grenier Magnets - Office

33 Books: Pocket-sized journals. Available in beer, whiskey,wine, cheese, coffee and cigars. Unique gifts for men that are new to Australia and make the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea for that guy in your life who loves his beer, whiskey, wine, cheese, coffee or cigars.

33 Books - Pocket Sized Journals

Real Melbourne Bike Tour: half day photography workshop. An eco-friendly gift for men that's perfect for those guys who love to cycle, love photography, or love to travel (or all three!). 

Real Melbourne Bike Tour

Bold and Noble: hand pulled screen prints made on 100% recycled stock. Unique yet eco-friendly gift ideas for men of all ages. Options include: World map and NYC print. Multiple designs, each in multiple colour options, are available.Other locations include Australia, New Zealand, London, UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Italy and more.

Bold and Noble World PrintBold and Noble NYC Print

Wear Your MusicBass String Bracelets  - Wear Your Music is a charitable company that donates to: MusiCares, 1% For the Planet, Rock the Earth, Starlight Children’s Foundation, unicef, Living Lands and Waters, Born Free USA, and Rock and Wrap It Up.These funky bracelets are perfect gifts for men at Valentine's Day, and a great charitable gift idea.

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8 Unique, Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts Fit for Royalty

Posted in 'Baby Gifts and Gifts for Kids, Events and special occasions' on July 24, 2013, 9:00 am

By CEO Kellie Byrnes

8 Unique, Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts Fit for Royalty

People around the globe have been holding their breath, eager to hear news on the Royal babe. We can now say a big "Congratulations!” to Kate and William on the arrival of their special bundle of joy, a bouncing baby boy. As eyes will no doubt now turn to the royal booty (and by that we mean baby gifts sent to the Royal Family, not a reference to Pippa’s famous derriere!) we thought it would be a good time to put together some of ourfavourite present ideas for new babies. At Kindred Gifts, we believe that going green is always a great way to buy gifts, as well as another way to keep a healthier environment for our Embrace Virtues Beanie Bag Bundlechildren to grow up in, so read on for just a small selection of ethical baby gift ideas you can buy without guilt today:

-Embrace Virtues Beanie Bag Gift Bundle

A special newborn baby gift idea, the Embrace Virtues Beanie Bag Gift Bundle features an organic hemp baby hat, pair of baby wipes and a Peace Doll, as well as a Virtues CD. Embrace Virtues is all about inspiring, educating and developing a positive and creative character for your newborn. These beautiful organic products make a truly unique gift for newborns, and their parents will feel safe in the knowledge that the organic gifts are free from nasty toxins and chemicals.


-Bambu Baby Feeding Set

Eco-friendly baby gifts that are also super stylish and practical can often be a difficult thing to find. Little buBambu Baby Feeding Starter Setbs and their parents will love using this Bambu Baby Feeding Set. Made from natural and sustainable bamboo (one of the fastest growing plants on the planet) which does not impart or absorb flavours, the set is finished with top-grade, natural, food-safe oil. This sweet baby gift includes a cute bamboo baby bowl and two bamboo baby-sized spoons. It’s easy to clean with just hot soapy water and a wipe down. This stylish feeding set makes a great baby shower gift as every baby needs to learn how to eat – so why not choose the greener way?Maptote Alphabet Poster

-Maptote Alphabet Poster

Decorate your baby’s room with an educational print that also looks great. The Maptote Alphabet Poster comes in two different quirky colour combos (blue/green and pink/red) and lists each letter of the alphabet with a cool country-themed picture beside it to help your child learn their geography in a creative way. Little bubs will enjoy the bright colours on their wall while older kids will be the top of the class with one of these posters in the house. These quirky posters are printed using water-based inks on 100% recycled paper, making them both eco-friendly and a unique baby gift idea.


-Honeysticks Crayons

Honey Sticks non-toxic beeswax crayons come packaged up in a set of twelve with a range of awesome colours included. This is a great eco-friendly baby gift idea and will have your child ready to draw a special crown or family picture for Kate and William in no time. The crayons are made from non-toxic ingredients in New Zealand, and smell divine from the natural beeswax used. Since they actually smell good enough to eat, we’re happy to say that parents needn’t worry iHoney Sticks Beez Wax Crayonsf their bubs have a little chew, as the crayons are made from super safe ingredients and haven’t had any chemicals added like traditional crayons do. With their hardy, chunky design, a baby’s small hands won’t struggle to hold onto them, and each crayon is also much less likely to break. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly baby gift, the answer is right here. Even the packaging is made from sustainable materials!

-Dandelion Organic Cotton Crinkle BearDandelion Crinkle Bear - Unique Baby Gifts

To keep a bub happy and quiet while you watch all the latest news on Kate and William’s baby, you can’t go past this super cute, organic cotton Crinkle Bear toy from Dandelion. Soft and cuddly, with noises to amuse and non-toxic material to chew on, any young baby will be besotted with this toy. A lovely example of quality organic products, this newborn baby gift idea features a crinkle head, cute little bear ears and arms for your bub to bite and tug at and a handy hanging loop for the stroller or cot.


-Petit Collage Beginner Puzzle

What child doesn’t love Petit Collage Beginner Puzzle Safari - Unique Baby Giftspuzzles? The Petit Collage Beginner Puzzle set includes four puzzles with cute animal designs to introduce babies to the safari world. Non-toxic baby toys like this beautifully-designed puzzle are a great way for your child to play safely, as you don’t have to worry about them getting sick from their habits of sucking and chewing anything they touch. Printed with vegetable based inks and made from 80% recycled content, this makes a great eco-friendly baby gift that they will enjoy for years to come.


-Maptote Paris organic cotton One-Piece

Kate and William have their special bundle of joy to dress up, so why not spoil your bub withMaptote Paris Organic Cotton Onsie a hint of royal-worthy couture as well? Maptote’s striking Paris One-Piece is made from soft organic cotton and hand silkscreened with water based inks, making your bub safe, comfy and stylish.Organic baby clothes are ideal gifts for newborns, as it prevents any skin irritations your bub might have that you don’t yet know about at this early stage. This cute Paris themed onesie features a map of Paris that includes neighbourhoods and popular landmarks. Your baby will never get lost wearing one of these!


-Hank & JoJo Bamboo Retro Tube Sock Sets

If you’re looking for a super cool, designer baby gift, check out these cute Hank & JoJo Retro Tube Bamboo Sock Sets. Rock royalty like Gwen Stefani has her son Kingston looking rocker cool with these retro tube socks, so why not give your baby a cool edge too!? These awesome knee-high socks come in different sizes to fit your special bub, and each sHank & Jo Jo's Sock Set - Baby Giftsize comes in a different colour range. These quirky designer socks are made from earth friendly bamboo and are dyed with AZO-free dyes. Not only will they keep a baby’s precious legs warm, but they also have natural UV protection built right in! These sock sets make the perfect eco-friendly designer baby gift, christening gift or baby shower gift idea.


Whether it’s time to spoil your own newborn baby, or if you need to find a ‘royal’ gift for someone else’s bub, we believe you’ll be able to find just the thing at Kindred Gifts. With a curated collection of unique yet ethical baby gifts for all tastes and budgets, we offer a range of choices to make your gift buying easier. And you never know - having some of these cool products in the house might just lead Kate and William to ask you to baby sit! :)


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21st Birthday Gifts for Men – Great Ethical Gifts to Surprise Him With

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Back to Work and Corporate Gifts, Events and special occasions' on June 18, 2013, 12:00 am

By CEO Kellie Byrnes

Shopping for a unique 21st birthday gift for the man in your life? Not having much luck finding something more interesting than a six-pack of beer or a boring oversized key?! Look no further than our great range of cool gifts for men that are not only unique presents for him, but also ethical at the same time. From organic cotton products to recycled gifts and handmade presents from around the world, you’re sure to find something fun for that upcoming 21st birthday party at Kindred Gifts. Read on for our top 5 twenty-first birthday gifts for men:Kate Grenier Designs Bike Magnets - Eco gifts for men

Kate Grenier Designs 6 Pack Fridge Magnets

Whether he is into Bikes, Surfing, Drinking Beer, Books or loves to travel the outdoors, check out these cool, quirky fridge magnets from Kate Grenier DesignKate Grenier Designs Outdoors Fridge Magnetss. Made from recycled bottle tops, these funky magnets feature vintage images, are presented in a cute little silver tin, and are available in a huge range of different themes you can choose from. With something for every guy’s taste, these funky handmade gifts come in a pack of six magnets, and are 100% eco-friendly.

Resource Revival Bike Chain BraceletsResource Revival Bike Chain Bracelets - 21st birthday gift ideas for men

Make him look even manlier with Resource Revival’s recycled bicycle chain bracelet. He can show off his passion for bikes and mechanics, or just look even tougher. These bracelets have a safe, sturdy, durable clasp on them, and are flexible and comfortable to wear. A great gift idea for men, and available in two sizes for the perfect fit, these cool handmade gifts will be a 21st birthday present he’ll remember.

Alchemy Goods iPad CaseAlchemy Goods iPad Case - Gift ideas for men

No, unfortunately iPad’s do not fit in our pockets yet. But until they do, he can relax knowing that his work, personal information, social activities – whatever it is he has on his iPad –can now be safe and sound in one of Alchemy Goods eco-friendly iPad Cases made out of upcycled inner bicycle tubes. Its exterior is water resistant and is made for a slim fit so he can fit it into any of his bags.

Stoc organic cotton T’shirts

Stoc t’shirts are stylish, organic, comfortable, and unique. He can impresStoc Organic Cotton T-Shirts - Gifts for mens the ladies with these cool designs and have them wanting to touch his biceps with the super soft organic cotton material – now that’s a 21st birthday gift idea he’ll love! With three different sizes available, you’ll be able to choose a size to fit him nice and snug, plus the diverse range of different styles means there’s a colour and graphic to suit all tastes. Stoc tees are smart looking casual t’shirts that he can wear every day for any occasion. Make him stand out from the crowd with these fashionable, Australian designed shirts, a perfect 21st birthday gift that’s also super practical.

Thabto Buckle Up Key Holder Thabto Buckle Up Key Holder - unique gifts for men

This year, whether it is your best mate, brother, son, or colleague, if he’s turning 21 we’re guessing that he’s most likely a little unorganised and not the best at keeping all his gear where he can find it. Really, we all have trouble finding our keys no matter how old we are - they always seem to disappear or get lost under paperwork or in the couch, even when you could swear tThabto Buckle Up Key Holder - ultimate gifts for menhat you just put them on the kitchen bench. This Thabto Buckle Up Key Holder is the perfect gift idea for men who are always losing their keys and makes a truly unique, yet eco-friendly and practical gift idea for that upcoming twenty-first birthday celebration. With a small, stylish, recycled seat-belt buckle holder that gets mounted on the wall, plus a funky buckle key chain that he uses during the day and then ‘plugs in’ to the holder when he gets home, this cool Buckle Up key holder means he won’t be late for work or catching up with you anymore. He’ll love that he has this cool looking key ring and holder in his home, plus will enjoy being able to easily cruise out the door with this simple ‘grab-and-go’ key holder system.

So after you prank him for his 21st birthday, hopefully you will have found the ultimate gift for him too. If not, keep looking! Kindred Gifts has a huge range of quirky things to spoil him with for his special 21st birthday.

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Unique Birthday Gifts that are Easy on Your Wallet

Posted in 'Baby Gifts and Gifts for Kids, Gifts for Men, Back to Work and Corporate Gifts, Gifts for Women, Events and special occasions' on June 10, 2013, 12:00 am

By CEO Kellie Byrnes

Unique Birthday Gifts that are Easy on Your Wallet

Have you got that friend’s birthday that you need to buy a gift for just a week before Bold & Noble Wild Wood Mini Print - Birthday Gift Ideaspayday? Stressing about what to buy and how to afford it? We’ve all been there. Luckily there is an easy way to find birthday presents online that are unique, thoughtful and, best of all, affordable! Online shopping opens up a whole range of gift potential, providing a simple way to browse and compare products in the one place.

By jumping online, you can find amazing birthday gift ideas that you couldn’t possibly have found in your local store. With so much to choose from though, how do you decide what to buy? The simple answer is thinking about the type oBold & Noble Love Letters Mini Print - Eco-Friendly Gifts Ideasf person you are buying for. For a 40th birthday gift for a woman who loves decorating, for example, she might love something for the home such as the range of gorgeous, handmade Bold & Noble screen prints. The beautiful Wild Wood or Love Letters Mini Prints make a perfect gift idea and are also eco-frieDogeard Original Karma Silver Necklace - Gifts For Womenndly, being printed on 100% recycled paper. 

Whether you are looking for a 50th birthday present, a gift for baby’s first birthday or 18th birthday gift ideas, you will find something perfect for every personality online. If you feel like taking the tried and true option, jewellery is a great idea. Dogeared jewellery is a hit among the ladies with a range of handmade Dogeard Original Karma Gold Necklace - Gifts for Womennecklaces, bracelets and earrings that feature lovely heartfelt messages. The Original Karma necklaces, for example, are top selling gifts for women for all ages and suit occasions such as 21stbirthdays, best friend birthday gifts, presents for Mum’s birthday, and staff birthday gifts.

For women who really appreciate products that change theSame Sky Teenage Dream Long Bracelet - Handmade Gift Ideasworld, Same Sky bracelets are the way to go. These Fair Trade handmade fabric-wrap bracelets, for example, are made by HIV+ women in Rwanda and are a unique, ethical birthday gift for friends, wives, daughters, work colleagues and more.

If you’re buying for a creative individual then a thought provoking journal could be just the affordable present that you are looking for. The Write Now range of eco-friendly notebooks from Compendium are popular choices for birthday gifts for men and women of all ages, and are also popular as thank you gifts, office Christmas gifts and anniversary gifts

Compendium Write Now 'Wine is Poetry' Notebook Compendium Write Now 'Our Perfect Companions' Notebook Compendium Write Now 'The Best of Life is at the Table' Notebook Comendium Write Now 'Remember Ideas Become' Notebook

You also can’t go wrong with backpacks, bottle openers and tech gifts such as an alarm or travel clock. The range of upcycled bike chain products from Resource Revival, for example, makes great birthday gifts for men (but they’re also super popular as Father’s Day gifts for Dad too). Whichever way you want to go, you are guaranteed to find an inexpensive gift that isn’t going to leave you broke this year!

Resource Revival Bike Chain Bottle Openers Resource Revival Key ChainResource Revival Black Magnet Photo Frame


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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Events and special occasions' on June 1, 2013, 12:00 am

By CEO Kellie Byrnes

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

If you’re among the ladies that struggle to find the best gifts for the men in your life, thisLi'tya Skin Care Travel Pack - Beauty Gifts For Men post is for you. While women enjoy many simple gifts like jewellery or home wear products, buying for a man can seem like walking into unknown territory. Luckily, Kindred Gifts is here to help. So ladies, put down those gift cards and boring aftershaves he’ll never use and purchase gifts for men that are unique and affordable and ethical instead! 

Selecting Christmas presents for men can be considered a fine art. Not only is it a matter of finding something that fits into your budget, it also hLexon Titanium Clock Radio - Gift Ideas For Menas to be something he will appreciate. Whether you are looking for gifts for Dad, your brother or that special man in your life, shopping online is a great way to browse a range of ideas quickly.

For men that take a little extra time in the bathroom or just like to steer clear of chemicals, take a look at organic products such as a Li’tya natural skin care travel pack (above right). There are aDynomighty Wallets - Manly Gifts for Menlso a range of eco friendly gifts for men that are perfect for all ages with wallets, earphones, radios and clocks to choose from. The Lexon Titanium Bamboo Clock Radio (above left) is a popular new green gift idea for men this year. The range of hardy, affordable Dynomighty wallets (right) are also a practical yet eco-friendly gift idea for Dads, brothers, husbands or work colleagues. For men of legal age, a bike chain bottle opener is funky, recycled and super handy to boot.

Resource Revival Bike Chain Bottle Opener Key Chain Impress the men in your life and purchase presents that suit their personality to a tee. You can find everything you need online, find an item at a great price and get it delivered to your door already gift wrapped! Who said Christmas shopping was difficult? Go on ladies, get shopping!


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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas You Can Purchase Online

Posted in 'Gifts for Women, Sustainable fashion, architecture and design, Events and special occasions' on May 16, 2013, 12:00 am

By CEO Kellie Byrnes

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas You Can Purchase Online

A wedding is a massive celebration that is filled with happiness and treasured memBold & Noble Nest Screen Print - Eco Wedding Giftsories. Whether it’s for the engagement party or the day of the wedding, finding the perfect present for such an event can often be difficult. Instead of buying the typical wedding gifts or giving money that you can’t afford, find a present that is thoughtful, affordable and bound to impress the bride and groom and make their big day even more special.

Check out our online design store, for example, where you will find Bold & Noble My Heart Screen Printuseful and creative home gifts that will turn their place into a couple’s paradise. From kitchen gifts to gorgeous handmade prints including Bold & Noble’s Nest and My Heart’ designs, you can spoil the loved up couple with items they will cherish for years to come. For those who want to give the gift of choice, you can even purchase gift vouchers so that the happy couple can fill their new home with all the things they need and love – that are also ethical. Think organic products, handmade gifts, Fair Trade homewares and charitable gift ideas.

Are you looking to give the bride gifts for the wedding day? Choose from a range of handmade wedding gifts that will show her how much you care. The Dogeared designer jewellery range offers amazing options including the Something Blue’ glass heart that can be tied around the bouquet or the Infinite Love’ necklace, with both items featuring a heartfelt message. There are even options that help the bride show appreciation to her bridal party with Will You Be My Bridesmaid?earrings and a gorgeous Flower Girl necklace.

Dogeared Some Thing Blue Bridal Necklace Dogeared Infinite Love NecklaceDogeared Will You Be My BridesmaidDogeared Flower Girl Gold Necklace  


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Unique Birthday Gifts That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women, Sustainable fashion, architecture and design, Events and special occasions' on May 14, 2013, 12:00 am

Unique Birthday Gifts That Won’t Cost You a FortuneBold & Noble Love Letters Mini Screen Print - Eco Friendly Birthday Gift Ideas

Don’t you find that you always have another friend or family member’s birthday just around the corner and that locating the best birthday presents can take significant time and money? It seems to happen regularly that people spend significant time travelling to shopping centres or from store to store, spend more money than planned, and yet still need tDogeard Hugs & Kisses XO sterling silver necklace - Unique Birthday Giftso worry about choosing the same gift as someone else. Since when did big price tags or hard to find gifts mean that a present is actually brilliant? You can easily discover designer gifts that are unique, thoughtful and still affordable by having a look at the amazing options available in our online store.Dynomighty Union Jack Wallet - Durable Birthday Gifts

Not only will buying a gift online give you the convenience of shopping from home whenever you have some spare time, you will also find more design gifts options than you would at any local store. This is great for those that work full time and struggle to fit shopping into their prior commitments. Do you Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bags - Organic Birthday Giftshave family members on the other side of the country or have you forgotten that Aunt overseas? Well, don’t stress, as that is no longer an issue either - we can have your birthday gift delivered to their door!

Forget about putting money in cards, gift vouchers that 33 Books Coffee - Unique Birthday Gifts - Coffee Giftsgo unused or clothing that doesn’t fit, it’s time to get creative and purchase unique birthday gifts that truly make a statement. Whether it is a 21st birthday gift, a 50th present, or even a baby’s first birtAlchemy Goods Wallets - Eco Birthday Giftshday or christening, you can find those funky, sweet or unforgettable gifts on our website. You will find the perfect gift for all ages and tastes - from designer Dogeared handmade jewellery, Bold and Noble Type Map prints or Fluf organic lunch bags for the ladies, to Dynomighty wallets, 33 Books beer tasting journals and Alchemy Goods’ wallets made from recycled bike tubes for men.Shop online today from our great range of unique yet ethical gifts and enjoy the hard work being done for you!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: It’s Time to Find Unique Presents for Mum

Posted in 'Gifts for Women, Sustainable fashion, architecture and design, Events and special occasions' on May 3, 2013, 12:00 am

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: It’s Time to Find Unique Presents for Mum

Are you tired of resorting to chocolates and flowers to show your Mum that you care? This Kate Grenier Mum Fridge Magnets - Unique Mothers Day Giftsyear, choose unique gifts for Mum that are sure to put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day. Being a Mum is a full-time job and one that often goes under appreciated; spoil the hero in your life by finding a gift that says the things your words can’t seem to express. While you might find a cute card in stores, often the gifts on offer seem so impersonal with a limited range and high price tags. Ditch the busy shops and find a gift for Mother’s Day online instead.

At Kindred Gifts yHookTurn Industries Silicone Cups - Coffee Loving Mothers Day Giftsou will not only find a massive range of great gifts that suit your Mum perfectly, but you can also purchase everything you need from the comfort of home. While delivering the presents yourself is ideal so you can see the joy on her face, sometimes this isn’t an option, especially if you live in different countries. Online shopping is perfect in Keep Calm by the Lepolas Seaside Organic Cotton Tea Towel - Mothers Day Gift Ideasthis instance as well, as you can purchase gifts to send to wherever your Mum might be in the world.

Finding the perfect present for your Mum is easy when you know where to look. For kitchen lovers there are a range of fun handmade fridge magnets, eco-friendly, reusable silicone coffee mugs, and funky organic tea towels - all amazing design gift ideas for a woman who love to dress up her home.

If you’re looking for unique gifts for your Mum, have a look at our great range of handmade Mother’s Day gifts. Mum will love the gorgeous Bold and Noble screen prints such as Endless Love’or My Heart’; or designer Dogeared jewellery (now available in Australia) like the I Love Mum’ pearl necklace. You can also buy a gift that keeps on giving by purchasing from the Same Sky range of handmade and Fairtrade jewellery. Made by HIV positive women in Rwanda who are trying to build their lives free from poverty, these really are gifts that give back.

Bold & Noble My Heart Screen PrintDogeared 'I Love Mum' White Pearl Necklace - Mother's DayBold & Noble Endless Love Screen PrintSame Sky - Material Girl (short) - Mother's Day

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British Themed Gift Ideas for Mum this Mother’s Day

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British Themed Gift Ideas for Mum this Mother’s DayIzola Shower London Underground PEVA Shower Curtain - British Themed Mothers Day Gifts

Whether it is to bring back the memories of Mum’s British past or to satisfy her fantasy of exploring Britain, Mum will love Izola’s PEVA Izola Shower Trafalgar Square PEVA Shower Curtain - British Gifts for Mum's this Mothers DayLondon Underground and Trafalgar Square Shower Curtains. These unique eco-friendly shower curtains will dress up any bathroom and Mum will surely impress her guests.
Kate Grenier Designs 'The Queen' Fridge Magnets - Eco Friendly Gifts for Mothers Day
Kate Grenier Designs The Queen and Keep Calm themed fridge magnets will add a quirky British accent to the fridge this Mothers Day. They feature vintage images and are lovingly handmade from recycled bottle tops. These super cute fridge magnets Kate Grenier Designs 'Keep Calm' Fridge Magents - Eco Friendly Gifts for Mothers Daycome in a pack of six and are sure to suit any British Mother’s taste.

Speaking of taste, spoil Mum this Mothers Day with her new Fluf UnioFluf Organinc Cotton Union Jack Lunch Bag - Unique British Gift Ideas For Mothers Dayn Jack Lunch Bag that will make her work colleagues jealous. Made from organic cotton, the lunch bag is big enough to fit all Mum’s lunch treats, plus also a water bottle and magazine or book to keep her entertained on her lunch break. The bag is printed using water based inks and contains no toxic chemicals, so is super eco-friendly – plus Mum will love that the bag can be easily washed in thBold & Noble 'British Isles' Type Map Print - British Eco Friendly Gifts for Mothers Daye machine too. With the cute British themed print on the cover, your Mum will love to show off her passion for Great Britain with this clever eco friendly Mother’s Day gift idea.

Mum will love these Bold & Noble ‘British Isles’ and ‘LondonBold & Noble 'London' Type Map Print - London Mothers Day Gifts themed Type Map Prints, because it’s the easier way to add a British accent to the home rather than squeezing a red Double Decker Bus into the living room! These works of art are hand pulled screen prints that have been made on 100% recycled paper, making them the perfect gift idea for eco-friendly Mums this Mothers Day.

Wanting to shop online for more Mother's Day gift ideas for Mum? Head here to check out our range of handmade gifts, eco friendly gifts, organic products and charitable gifts for women that will show Mum just how much you love her this Mother's Day.

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Tea themed Gift Ideas for Mum this Mother’s Day

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Tea themed Gift Ideas for Mum this Mother’s Day

Do all Mum’s love tea? We think so, and we like to show our Mum’s just howDCI Tea Lovers Porcelain Eco Cup - Tea Themed Mothers Day Gift Ideas special they are this Mothers Day with tea themed gifts for Mums who love their hot cuppa. 

DCI Tea Lover’s Cup is a porcelain eco cup to keep Mum’s tea hot and contained. These quirky cups make an eco friendly Mother's Day gift idea, and feature a cute teapot button to wrap your teabag string around, plus a silicone lid to prevent spills. Mum can enjoy this porcelain cup in two gorgeous design options over and over again as it’s totally reusable! She will then love it even more knowing that she hasn’t more dishes to do, as the cup is dishwasher safe too - bonus!
Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas 'Tea Revives You' Tea Towel - Unique Tea Mothers Day Gifts
Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas Tea Revives You tea towel has a beautiful design that is sure to dress up any kitchen and makes the perfect unique gift for Mum this Mother's Day. Mum's are in the kitchen constantly, so add some pizzazz to their kitcheKeep Calm Gallary by The Lepolas 'Tea Revives You' Tea Towel - Eco Friendly Mothers Day Giftsn with a reviving 1930s slogan. Made from organic cotton, this tea towel comes with a handy hanging loop and a lovely red screen printed design making it the perfect gift for tea loving, eco-friendly Mum's.  

Kate Grenier Designs Tea themed pack of fridge magnets, handmade from recycled bottle tops, can remind your Mum that ‘tea time is all the time’. Be creative and decorate the fridge wKate Grenier Designs 'Tea' Fridge Magnets - Eco Friendly Mothers Day Giftsith these super cute vintage images that come sweetly presented as a pack of six in a cute silver tin. These make a great eco friendly Mothers Day gift where Mum can show off her passion for tea.

If you're looking for more handmade gifts for Mum, or unique yet eco friendly presents for your lovely Mother, head here to check out our whole range of meaningful Mother's Day gifts.

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5 French Themed Mother’s Day Gifts for Francophile Mums

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5 French Themed Mother’s Day Gifts for Francophile Mums

Bonjour Mademoiselle, are you shopping online for your French fanatical Mum? Oui!Kate Grenier French Fridge Magnets - French themed Mothers Day Gifts Perhaps she has a dream to travel France, or she reminisces of her past trips often. Either way you can shop online for fun presents for Mum that are flirty, French and fabulous!

Kate Grenier Designs’ French and Paris themed fridge magnets (handmade from recycled bKate Grenier Paris Fridge Magnets -EcoFriendly Mothers Day Gifts Onlineottle tops) will remind Mum of her passion as she glances around her kitchen. These super cute magnet packs make a great online gift to send to a far away Mum, and also unique gifts for Mothers who have everything, except perhaps the Eiffel Tower at the window! Bold & Noble France Type Map Print - French Gifts Ideas for Mothers Day

Bold & Noble’s Type Map prints of France and Paris are also beautiful, eco friendly Mothers Day Gifts. Whether your Mum is an avid devotee to all things French or loves the designer gift concept behind these stylish hand pulled prinBold & Noble Paris Type Map Print - Handmade Mothers Day Giftsts (made on 100% recycled paper), they will certainly make an ideal gift for your Mother this Mothers Day. 

The Izola PEVA Paris Shower Curtain
is a stylish necessity to make any Mum say "ooh la la”. A great example of both unique design gifts for Mum and eco friendly Mothers Day gifts that are better for the planet, these cool sIzola PEVA Paris Shower Curtain - Eco Friendly French Mothers Day Giftshower curtains are made from non-toxic PEVA fabrics that are more sustainably produced and never contain lead.

A single or double Bordeaux themed Maptote Wine Tote is the perfect gift idea for the ‘wino’ Mum who appreciates French culture and of course sMaptote Bordeaux Double Wine Tote - Mothers Day Gifts Onlineampling a tipple or two! Maptote designs gorgeous wine carriers that are both eco friendly gifts and stylishly durable to boot - a perfect gift for Mum this Mother’s Day!

Many fantastic Mothers Day gift ideas can be found by shopping online, but we still need our reusable bags for our everyday items. The cute BlBlue Q I Heart Paris Shopper Tote Bag - Paris Mothers Day Gifts Ideasue Q I Heart Paris Shopper tote bag is made from tough 95% recycled woven polypropylene, making it the ideal eco friendly gift for Mum this May. With a zip pocket on the inside for purse and keys, this is just one of our stylish French themed Mothers Day gifts that your Mum will love and cherish for years to come.

At Kindred Gifts, we ensure that Mothers Day gifts and gifts for women of all ages are no longer a challenge to find. Our online gift store has a huge range of gifts for Mum to show her just how much you love and appreciate her this Mother’s Day. We can also save you time and extra effort by offering our personalised gift wrapping service - so you can go ahead and write a sweet message to your Mum wherever she might be around the world this Mother’s Day when she receives her gift!

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Unique Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents

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Eco Friendly and Organic Baby Shower Gift Ideas Dandelion Bamboo Zoo Plush Lion - Baby Gifts - Baby Shower Gifts

So there is a new bub on the way and you need to buy a baby gift that looks great, is practical and is safe for the little one to use? Finding great organic baby shower gifts doesn’t have to end in a frantic run around and expensive purchases when you take advantage of online shopping. You will be amazed what eco friendly baby gifts you can find online, with ideas that will ensure you won’t get exactly the same thing as your work colleague, friend or family member. Ever been to one of those baby showers where the Mum-to-be receives multiple gifts that are exactly the same? Not much fun if Aden & Anais organic cotton baby crib sheets - eco friendly gifts for babyyou’re one of those gift givers, is it?!

When looking for newborn baby gifts it is important to find organic products made from natural fibres and ingredients that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. For those who are shopping with this in mind, organic gifts are a great option, with muslin wraps, clothing and baby balms that are gentle on the skin and helpful to Mums. Designer gift brands like Aden + Anais and Dandelion are producers of fabulous organic products that are both stylish and eco friendly, to give an added bonus to your baby shower gift. The Little Pumpkin Organics range of handmade baby balms is all natural and full of beautiful organicLittle Pumpkin arctic berry baby gift range - all natural and Australian baby gifts and baby shower gift ideas ingredients that are perfect for a sensitive new born baby’s skin. Ranges like this also make a great corporate baby shower gift for businesses looking for presents for staff going on maternity leave.

We truly believe that finding unique gifts for a baby is easier when you shop online at an Australian gift shop like Kindred Gifts. In our range you can find the essentials like organic baby clothing (think cute organic cotton onesies like Maptote’s Paris onesie); as well as other unique gifts like The Original Metal Box Company’s solar powered, recycled steel Night Lights; Diaper Dude’s eco friendly nappy bags for stylish Mums and Dads who also love eco friendly gifts; and the beautiful range of sustainable gifts from charitable Australian brand Embrace Virtues. Their range consists of virtues based cds, gift packs, baby wraps, hemp dolls and more, all designed to teach babies invaluable lessons from the time they’re born, while also spending quality time with Mum and Dad.Embrace Virtues - Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Shopping online for unique baby gifts like these will make sure the new parents will be fully equipped with everything they need for their new baby in the coming months. Buying organic baby gifts online also means you can easily find the perfect product in a short amount of time, without the usual stress of trying to find a car park or traipsing from shop to shop.

Why not also have your choice of great baby gifts beautifully gift wrapped before delivery, ensuring your present really makes an impression come baby shower day. You can make the expectant Mum and Dad happy with gifts that are not only thoughtful but handy as well, while also saving yourself some time and money – not to mention stress.

Click here to check out our whole range of unique baby gifts today.

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Health Conscious or Fitness Freak Mums

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Health Conscious or Fitness Freak Mums

Are you looking for a gift online for your super healthy Mum this Mothers Day? Look no further than Kindred Gifts. We have a range of eco friendly gifts and fair trade gift ideas that are perfect for your treating your health conscious Mum. Surprise your fit and healthy Mum this Mothers Day with one of our Mothers Day gift ideas that nurtures mind,Kate Grenier 6 Pack Fridge Magnets - Love to Run - Eco Friendly Gifts for Women this Mothers Day body and spirit:

Celebrate her favourite healthy passion with a handmade gift from Kate Grenier Designs. These super cute fridge magnets are available in beautifully presented packs of six, and feature the most gorgeous, vintage art themes. Some great gift ideas include ‘Bike’, for those cycling Mums; ‘Love to Run’ for your marathon mama, ‘Yoga’ for her spiritual side and the ‘Outdoors’ for an all round nature girl. They magnets are handmade from recycled bottle tops and are the ideal eco friendly Mother’s Day gifts.

The 321 Filte321 Filter Plunger Water Bottle - Unique Gifts for Mothers Dayr Plunger Water Bottle packs make great designer gifts for women, especially busy Mums. Whether she is at home, work or out and about, Mum can be sure she is drinking healthy, filtered water from this BPA-free water bottle all the time! This beautifully designed Australian made water bottle is one of our ideal gifts to send to those far away mums, and we can even personalise gift wrapping for you so you can send Mum a special message of appreciation on Mother’s Day.

Innovative Yoga Paws are cleverly designed mini travel yoga mats for the hands and feet. Whether this year’s Mothers Day gifts aYoga Paws - Unique Mothers Day Gifts Online re all about yoga or your Mum loves to try something new, Yoga Paws have it covered and will mean Mum can always keep up her yoga practice while she’s travelling without having to carry a bulky yoga mat. A complete sizing chart is available and these super durable and non slip mini mats are the ideal gifts to send to your healthy Mum wherever she may live.

IS Gift eBamboo Jugs are a vibrant 2 litre jug available in four strikingIS Gift/Home eBamboo 2L Jug - Eco Friendly Mothers Day Gifts for Mum colour options. For healthy Mums who want to keep up their water intake in style, this eco friendly gift idea is made from that wonderfully sustainable resource, bamboo. A much safer alternative to plastic, this bamboo jug means no leaking chemicals into her water over time, and no environmental distress when the jug needs to be disposed of.

Fluf Lunch Bags are great organic products and eco friendly gifts for mothers who like to ensure a healthy lunch is taken to work (or play) each dayFluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bags - Eco Friendly Mothers Day Gifts for Mums. These design driven gifts are non-toxic, machine washable, have a wipeable lining, are made from 100% organic cotton and use water based inks. Whether it is the Union Jack design for Mums in/from the UK; a cute green Pear to compliment her daily sandwich; or you just want to express how much you love her with the I Heart You lunch bag, Kindred Gifts has the most unique gifts for Mothers this Mother’s Day.

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5 Travel Inspired Mother's Day Gifts for Mums

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5 Travel Inspired Mother’s Day Gifts for Mums

Looking for a unique gift idea for your Mother this year? Does she love to travel regularly, and have a serious case of wanderlust? If so, here are five travel themed gift ideas that are just perfect to treat your ardent traveller Mum this Mother's Day:

Lexon’s Airline Woolinex Passport Cover – simple but elegant, this zip up case from FreLexon Airline Woolinex Passport Holder - Useful Gifts for mums this Mothers Daynch design brand Lexon holds all those official papers and airline tickets in one good looking cover while also being made using eco friendly manufacturing technologies. This is a fantastic option for Mothers Day, whether you are after eco friendly gifts for your Mum, a custom wrapped gift delivered straight to her door, or you just think this is the ideal gift for your often travelling Mum.

Eco friendly stationery brand Compendium produces a range of beautiful yet environmentally conscious journals in their Positively Green range. Their ‘It is not down on any mCompendium Positively Green Notebook - It Is Not Down On Any Map - Great Gift Ideas for Women this Mothers Dayap’ travel themed notebook is a beautiful gift idea for Mums who always love to have a slimline book on hand to stay organised and write notes, or to keep a journal of their favourite memories while they travel the globe. This sweet notebook features an inspirational Herman Melville quote and gorgeous graphics. If you’re looking for meaningful gifts to send your Mum, this is just one of many unique gifts for Mothers who just love a good pocket travel journal.

The Lexon Safe Bamboo Travel Clock makes a beautiful green Mothers DayLexon Safe Bamboo Travel Clock - Unique Mothers Day Gifts gift, especially for our avid traveller mums who love designer style while they’re on the go. Mum will think of you and remember her Mothers Day gift for years to come, every time she uses this stylish and eco friendly alarm clock. Made from environmentally friendly bamboo, and utilising solar power, Mum will feel good about this gift that is better for the planet, plus there will be no excuse to miss any train, plane or ferry while she’s travelling!

Kate Grenier Designs’ range of 6 Pack Fridge Magnets are gorgeous, nostalgic and the perfect eco friendly Mother’s Day Gifts. Handmade using recycled bottle tops and vintage images, Kate Grenier has designed a range of fun, travel themed fridge magnets that will suit any Mums who love to travel and explore the world. Some of our favourite handmade gifts for Mum this Mother’s Day include the New York, French, Italian, Paris, Jetsetter and Viva Vegas fridge magnet packs. These compactly packaged pieces of art are also the ideal gifts to send to Mums who don’t live close by, to remind them you’re still thinking of them on this special Mother’sYoga Paws - Great Mothers Day Gifts - Unique Mothers Day Gifts - Yoga Mothers Day Gifts Day.

The cleverly designed Yoga Paws (mini travel yoga mats for hands and feet) are great gifts for women who love to keep fit whilst travelling. Shopping online can be tricky when choosing any kind of body wear, but Yoga Paws will have you sorted when selecting your Mother’s Day gifts this year. There are several ranges, sizes and colours to choose from, plus a comprehensive sizing chart is available to help you choose the correct fit so your presents for Mum are useful, personal and memorable this Mothers Day!

Kindred Gifts are dedicated to nurturing the Mothers Day spirit and providing the perfect gifts for Mothers of all ages and with all tastes. We offer a huge range of eco friendly Mothers Day gifts and when shopping online for your travel mad Mum this year, you can be sure she is receiving a ‘Kindred Gift’ delivered fast and with love.

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Unique Christening Gift Ideas for Babies - Top Picks For Gifts That Will Make An Impression

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Unique Christening Gifts for Babies

Although we know that finding a great gift for babies can be a tricky task, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you! Kindred Gifts has a fantastic range of organic christening gifts and baby gifts that are both better for babies and better for the planet. An online christening gift is ideal if your little loved one is far away, and we also offer a personalised gift wrapping service to take care of one more job for you. Whether you are after a unique christening gift for a baby delivered to their door, or some eco friendly baby gift ideas to Embrace Virtues Beanie Bag baby gift bundle - ideal organic christening gift for babiesmake a big gift impact on the day of the Christening, we’re here to help. Here’s a round up of some our favourite unique baby gifts to consider:

Embrace Virtues create beautiful, spiritually inspired baby gifts that are perfect for both little baby boys and baby girls. The gorgeous Beanie Bag Gift Bundle contains an eco friendly, organic hemp baby’s hat; a set of Virtues Cards (in a natural, eco friendly hemp pouch), an organic hemp My Cuddle Peace Doll (a Waldorf inspired, all natural soother for babies); a Sound of Virtues cd; and organic hemp baby wipes. Just one example in the range of thoughtful and unique christening gifts that nurture spiritual development in precious babies, this Embrace VirtuesDandelion Bamboo Zoo Plush Lion - eco friendly gift for baby made from bamboo - great christening gift idea for babies pack is the perfect baby gift when you’re looking to buy organic products that don’t hurt a sensitive baby’s skin.

The super cute and environmentally friendly toys in the Dandelion Bamboo Zoo range are an ideal online christening gift. We love the unisex nature of the seriously soft range which includes the cuddly Plush Lion or the Lion Hand Puppet. Perfect eco friendly baby gifts that are suited to boys or girls, we love that this range is made from FSC Certified bamboo fibres that don’t contain toxic chemicals.

When searching for an online christening gift that’s a bit different, The Original Metal Box Solar powered, recycled steel Night Lights - unique christening gifts for baby that are also eco friendlyCompany’s Night Night Lights are a funky, unique gift idea that’s sure to fit the bill. These designer night lights (created by cult UK 60s designer Clifford Richards) are solar powered and made from recycled and recyclable metal. Practical yet eco friendly gifts for babies, these night lights come in various designs including the ever popular Robot; plus the jungle themed Rhino, Elephant and Bear.

The clever sets of Lovely Manners Table Manners Placemats are another great gift forLovely Manners Table Manners Placemats - eco friendly gift ideas for babies christening gifts babies at any stage, but perfect to give as christening gifts to enhance your loved one’s learning and begin table manners early! We are never too young to learn and babies and children will love meal times atop of these bright colours and cleverly designed placemats. The funky colours will help distract babies so you can feed them more easily at meal time; while the sensible table manners can be read aloud by parents until the children learn to start reading themselves. A great example of unique baby gifts that are perfect for christening presents, the placemats come in a set of six and are available in 3 cool colour options.

Bold & Noble Grow Height Chart - design gifts for babies and beautiful christening gift ideas for a babyUK designer gift brand Bold and Noble have created the stylish yet practical "Grow" print, a classy, modern height chart that’s available in vibrant red or calming blue. This hand pulled screen print is made from 100% recycled paper, and a perfect gift idea when you’re after design driven gifts that are also better for the environment.

When you’re shopping online for christening gifts for far away loved ones or baby gifts that are eco friendly or hand made, look no further than Kindred Gifts’ range of unique baby gifts. Click here to see more of our great range of gifts for babies and memorable christening presents and let us help you get your gift giving all sorted today!

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Affordable Gift Ideas for Mums this Mother's Day - Top Gifts under $50 to Spoil Mum

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Affordable Gift Ideas for Mums this Mother's Day - Top Gifts under $50 to Spoil Mum

Mother’s Day – the day we celebrate our wonderful Mums! The ones who brought us into the world and shaped us into who we are. The ones who love us and support us no matter what, and who are always there to give us a hug or a good meal when we need it!

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, we all want to find just the right present for Mum that will show her just how much we appreciate all she does for us. It can be a pretty daunting task though, so to help you on your way we’ve put together a collection of great gift ideas under $50 for Mothers of all ages. Whether you’re shopping online for a unique gift for your own Mum, or a present for Grandma, a gift for your Mother-in-law or a sweet present to show your sister or friend what a great Mum she is, we’ve got you covered with affordable gifts this Mother’s Day.

Oliveria Peace with Earth Limited Edition Olive Oil Decanter - St Vincent's Institute $44.95
Oliveria Peace With Earth Ceramic Olive Oil Decanter - Limited St. Vincent's Institute Edition Oliveria Peace With Earth Ceramic Olive Oil Decanter - Limited St. Vincent's Institute Edition

Same Sky Handmade Material Wrap Bracelets, short $39.95 and long $49.95 - including  Material Girl, Purple Rain and Back in Black
Same Sky Wrap Bracelet - Material Girl (Long) Same Sky Wrap Bracelet - Purple Rain Same Sky Wrap Bracelet - Black in Black

Dogeared Life's a Beach organic cotton tote, $34.95
Dogeared Lifes a Beach Organic Cotton Tote

Kate Grenier Designs Fridge Magnets, Set of 6 $21.95 each - including Mum, The Queen, Namaste, and Kiss the Cook
Kate Grenier Designs Six Pack Magnets - Mum Kate Grenier Designs Six Pack Magnets - The Queen
Kate Grenier Designs Six Pack Magnets - Namaste  Kate Grenier Designs Six Pack Magnets - Kiss The Cook

Compendium Write Now journals $12.75 each - All Things Grow with Love; The Best of Life is at the Table; and Remember Ideas Become
Compendium Write Now Journal - All Things Grow With Love Compendium Write Now Journal - The Best Of Life Is At The Table Compendium Write Now Journal - Remember, Ideas Become

Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas tea towels, $24.95 each - including You Wash I'll Dry; Tea Revives You; and Beauty Eye Chart tea towels
Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas tea towels - You Wash I'll Dry Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas tea towels - Tea Revives You Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas tea towels - Beauty Eye Chart

Dogeared Make a Wish Bracelet with Sterling Silver Loving Heart, $34.95
Dogeared Make A Wish Bracelet With Sterling Silver Loving Heart On Fuchsia Irish Linen

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the Mum who Loves her Kitchen

Posted in 'Gifts for Women, Events and special occasions' on April 3, 2013, 12:00 am
Does your dear Mum love to cook? Does she delight in the nesting of one's home and is always on the search for new homewares?

Although the perfect gifts for women can be very individual, Kindred Gifts has a vast range of online gifts especially for your Mum. Whether you are after eco friendly gifts, hKeep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas - Breakfast In Bed Print - Mothers Day Gift Ideasandmade gifts or designer gifts, we can help make your gift giving easy this Mothers Day.

Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas
design a range of beautiful handmade screen prints, quirky tea towels and more. The "Breakfast in Bed" print is just one of the cheeky Mothers Day Gifts you can spoil your Mum with. Along with the "Tea Revives You" and "Beauty Eye Chart" tea towels, these are the ideal gifts for women when shopping online this Mothers Day.

Kate Grenier, of Kate Grenier Designs, creates  gorgeous sets of six handmade fridge magnets to inspire Mum and glam up the fridge at the same time. Crafted by hand and Kate Grenier Designs Six pack Magnets - Kiss the Cook - Quirky Mothers Day Giftsmade from recycled bottle tops, this designer gifts range includes many fun options for foodie Mums, including "In the kitchen", "Kiss the Cook" and "Farmers Market". All inspired by vintage art, these cute handmade gifts are a great gift idea for any Mum this Mothers Day Gifts.

The Oliveria Peace With Earth Ceramic Olive Oil Decanters are classy Mothers DayOliveria Peace With Earth Ceramic Olive Oil Decanters - Unique Mothers Day Gifts gifts that dress up any kitchen while also offering a practical purpose. If your Mum loves to cook and has brilliant style in her kitchen, she will love this beautiful, but useful decanter, perfect as one of her Mothers Day gifts this year. With a percentage of profits on each limited edition olive oil decanter also going to charity, Mum will love this feel good gift idea that is a great example of cool design coupled with charitable gifts.

Mum will also love Bambu's Laquerware Bamboo Salad Bowls and Curvy Servers - whBambu Lacquerware Bamboo Salad Bowl - Burnt Orange - Mothers Day Giftsat a perfect pair! These bamboo curvy servers are durable, non toxic and won't mark Mum's precious dishes, bowls, pots or pans. Team them with a gorgeous cobalt blue or burnt orange salad bowl and your eco friendly Mothers Day gifts are sorted in one hit!

Kikkerland Moustache Coasters make unique gifts for quirky Mums who Kikkerland Moustache Coasters - Set of 6 - Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideaslove eco friendly homewares that evoke a talking point. The 6 coasters all don a different style of moustache and are made from the renewable resource, cork. Yep, that's right, Mothers Day gifts just got funnier! This is a kitsch and fun present for your Mum that she'll smile at each time she uses.

Compendium's Write Now "Best of Life is at the Table" Journals make great Mothers Day Gifts for Mums Compendium Write Now Journal - The Best Of Life Is At The Table - Writing Gifts for Mothers Dayof all ages. Gourmet food is the focus on the animated cover and throughout the pages of this inspirational notebook. It may be eco friendly gifts you're looking for when you shop online or just something to remind your Mum she is special. Either way, we have it covered when it comes to fun, foodie gifts for women this Mother's Day with this sweet notebook.

The Kikkerland Agenda Dry Erase Boards keep every Mum oKikkerland Agenda Dry Erase Boards - Handy Mothers Day Gifts Onlinerganised and happy. Designer online gifts just got easier (and cheaper) with Kikkerland's fantastic and affordable organiser. The white board is equipped with a weekly planner so Mum can use her lovely new present to get all her menus and shopping lists sorted for the week ahead. It also comes with its own marker so Mum can use it immediately on Mothers Day... perhaps even to assign some chores to the kids or hubby each day while she can take a deserved break and have a cuppa?!

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Top 10 Tips for an Eco Friendly Wedding

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Tips and Helpful Hints for Life, Work and the Home, Gifts for Women, Sustainable fashion, architecture and design, Events and special occasions' on March 29, 2013, 9:00 am
By CEO Kellie Byrnes

Getting married, or helping someone who is? With a few simple ideas you can go ensure you go green on the wedding day and feel great about doing it!  There are plenty of things you can do to be eco friendly on that special day but still have the wedding of your dreams. Here are our top 10 ten wedding planning ideas to get your green groove on:

1. Print green - Look for a stationery supplier who will print your invitations on recycled or sustainably sourced papers, or if you're choosing to create your own invites, then look for eco friendly papers when making your selection. Two of the most common certification logos to look out for are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) papers, both programs which ensure stock comes from responsibly managed forests.

2. Consider your flower options - An eco friendly flower option is to use native flowers as centre pieces to reduce carbon emissions from imported flowers. Another alternative is to use potted plants around the reception and ceremony venues that can later be planted by yourself or guests - a beautiful keepsake from the special day.

3. Go organic and local - Choose a function centre or caterer who uses free range, local and organic produce – not only will your guests be impressed but you will be helping the planet at the same time.

4. Clean green - Look for a specialist eco friendly Dry Cleaner. When dry cleaning your wedding dress after the wedding avoid harsh chemicals like perchloroethylene (perc), normally used in dry cleaning. Ask for earth friendly dry cleaning such as "wet cleaning” or "solvent free" cleaning.

5. Chemical-free beauty - Brides and bridesmaids, you can avoid chemicals and still keep your locks looking luscious by including plenty of eggs in your diet. When it comes to healthy hair, it doesn’t matter whether you like your eggs scrambled, fried, or over easy. However they’re served up, eggs are one of the best protein sources you can find. They also contain biotin and vitamin B-12, which are important beauty nutrients that help to keep hair shiny and strong.

6. Fresh skin - Get glowing skin naturally by leaving out the harsh chemicals and choose a pre-wedding day skincare routine that uses natural and organic products. Keep your skin glowing with the beautiful, all natural and charitable skin care range from LI’TYALI'TYA Travel PackDon’t forget your bridesmaids or Mums either – these products also make great bridesmaid gifts and Mother-of-the-Bride gifts that are practical yet lovely. For mens’ gifts, think about the all organic, Australian made Purestuf Travel Gift Pack for men. Handmade and all natural, this handy travel pack features airline friendly sized products and is a great gift idea for the Groom or his Groomsmen.

7. Dress ups - Ask your local bridal boutique for an eco friendly wedding dress made of more natural and chemical free materials (like organic cotton, bamboo or hemp), or consider using a consignment dress that has been gently used before.  This can also save you anywhere up to 60% off the normal retail price of a dress, and might mean that you’re able to buy your dream dress that would be outside the budget if purchased new. Lightly used bridesmaid dresses also help your bridal party cut back on their costs, something they’re sure to love you for!

8. Save a Tree - While emailed invitations might be an etiquette no-no, emailed RSVP responses from your guests are not only convenient, but also an eco friendly alternative to paper – and it’s just as easy to hang on to all those lovely emails from friends and family as it is to keep the paper ones.

9. Stay Small - The fewer guests you have, the less resources in every area of wedding planning you will use. You’ll consume less, and create less garbage. Having a small guest list will also give you more choice of venues, which is always a nice thing. Why not have your small wedding at a designated green star hotel, or have a restaurant reception at a restaurant that specialises in using organic produce?

10. Green your wedding gifts - Choose gifts for the bride and groom that not only look great or have great function, but also give back to the world. Pick eco friendly, handmade, fairtrade or charitable gifts from reputable retailers who specialise in these options; and choose quality items that will stand the test of time (not products that will go out of fashion quickly or which are made from cheap, mass produced materials with inferior quality).
For more unique wedding gifts online, shop today by checking out our unique range of wedding gift ideas suitable for all tastes.

Bold & Noble World Type Map Print - Eco Friendly Wedding GiftsIzola Shower Venice Shower Curtain - Eco Friendly Wedding Gift IdeasOliveria Peace With Earth Ceramic Olive Oil Decanter - Wedding Gift IdeasHandpresso Espresso Maker Travel Kit - Portable Coffee Machine - Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

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Mother's Day Gifts for Mums who Love their Coffee

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Mums who Love their Coffee

This Mother’s Day celebrate and appreciate Mum with a unique gift. At Kindred Gifts we make shopping online fun, easy and interesting. Our vast range of online gifts especially for Mothers Day makes choosing the perfect gift for Mum easy!

Mums are always on the run. Mums are the organisers, the thinkers, the taxi service and the in house chef. No wonder they love coffee! With its lingering aroma and satisfying buzz, Mums may be the best coffee critics in the world.

For coffee fanatics we recommend these fun yet practical Mother’s Day gifts:

Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker for Ground Coffee or ESE Pods
Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker for Ground Coffee or ESE Pods Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker for Ground Coffee or ESE Pods Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker for Ground Coffee or ESE Pods

33 Books Pocket Sized Coffee Journal
33 Books Pocket Sized Coffee Journal33 Books Pocket Sized Coffee Journal

Kate Grenier Design 6 pack Fridge Magnets " Coffee"
Kate Grenier Designs 6 Pack Coffee Fridge magnets - fun gifts for Mum this Mothers Day   Kate Grenier coffee fridge magnets - sweet handmade gifts for Mum at Mothers Day

Keep Calm Gallery by the Lepolas "Cream in My Coffee” print and post cards (pack of 12)
Keep Calm Gallery by the Lepolas 'Cream in My Coffee” print Keep Calm Gallery by the Lepolas 'Cream in My Coffee” 12 pack of Postcards

Hookturn Industries Reusable BYO Coffee Cups
Reusable, BPA-free silicone cups, available in small or large sizes. With lots of different colours and colour combos available, it’s easy to choose a funky cup in Mum’s favourite colours!

Keep Calm Gallery by the Lepolas "Smell the Coffee" tea towel

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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for your Best Man and Groomsmen

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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for your Best Man and Groomsmen

When you’re wanting to do some online shopping for the perfect wedding gifts for your best man and groomsmen, look no further than Kindred Gifts. We have a range of great gifts for men on offer that are sure to suit that special day perfectly. Here’s a round up of some of our top selling wedding gifts for men, whether it be your best man, groomsman, Father of the Bride or Father of the Groom that you’re looking to gift on your wedding day:
Lexon Safe Bamboo Travel Clock - Wedding Gift Ideas Online
Lexon Safe Bamboo Travel Clock 
The Lexon Safe Travel Clock in Bamboo is an eco friendly LCD travel clock that’s simple yet smart in its design. Using dual power (both solar and battery) and oozing classy yet simple French style, this is a beautifully designed wedding gift idea for your best man and groomsmen or any other men you’d like to thank on your wedding day.

Bold and Noble Type Map Australia Print
Looking for unBold & Noble Type Map Australia Print - Wedding Gifts Ideas Onlineique wedding gifts for your best man and groomsmen that they’ll rave about for years to come? This stylish typographic map print of our fair country is a fun, patriotic choice, and the perfect wedding present for men who are keen on stylishly design gifts. Available in a striking sheer slate colour or a calming duck egg blue, this Bold & Noble map print ticks all the boxes, and makes a great gift idea for the Father of the Groom and the Father of the bride as well. Click here to check out the rest of the amazing Bold and Noble range of type map prints, with options including the UK, Paris, Sydney, Ireland, the World and many more.

Alchemy Goods Dopp Kit/Toiletry Bag
This is the ultimate eco friendly wedding gift for your best man or your groomsman. Created Alchemy Goods Bike Tube Zippered Dopp Kit Toiletry Bag - Unique Wedding Giftsusing upcycled bicycle inner tubes with an individual touch to each one, this is a gift that will last a lifetime and show how much thought you’ve put into finding a unique wedding gift for the men who stand by your side on your special day.

33 Books Pocket Sized Tasting Journals
Looking for out-of-the-box gifts online? A pocket sized tasting journal from the 33 Books range is a great gift for your groomsmen that caters for their different tastes. Whether it be whiskey, coffee, chocolate, cheese, wine, cigars or beer, your groomsmen will love th33 Books Journals - Wedding Gifts Onlineis unique gift as a fun yet practical memento of your special day. Printed on recycled paper with non-toxic inks, these slimline journals are also eco friendly gifts that you can feel good about gifting.

Lexon Airline Woolinex Passport HolderLexon Airline Woolinex Passport Holder - Unique Ideas for Wedding Gifts
Available in light grey or a charcoal black colour, this versatile and stylish travel accessory is a lovely gesture for your best man and groomsmen, a perfect gift for the groom himself (hello honeymoon!) or a great wedding gift idea for a travel mad couple. The simple design of this passport holder means that it will suit all tastes and many different ages, so it becomes an appropriate men’s gift idea for the Father of the Bride or Groom as well.

Resource Revival Bike Chain Bottle Openers
Searching for seriously unique wedding gifts for men? This cool gift for your groomsmen or best man will be well received and may even assist with calming those nerves on the big day! Made from recycled bicycle parts and available in multiple fun colours, thiResource Revival Bicycle Chain Bottle Openerss handy and durable bottle opener is a memorable and affordable gift for your groomsmen on your wedding day. Use the bottle openers to crack open a few beers and to toast to your new bride – or even possibly your last day of ‘freedom’! The funky bottle openers are a fun gift to give out at the buck’s night or on the morning of the wedding as well.

While we know that it can be difficult to find just the right mens’ gifts for each special member of your wedding day support team, when you shop online at Kindred Gifts you’re sure to find a special and unique gift that is sure to be remembered. Check out more of our range of gifts for men and wedding gift ideas today – and don’t forget, we can take care of the gift wrapping for you too! Just tick the box for gift wrap at the checkout, and we’ll send your gifts out to you all ready to be gifted!

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Earth Hour 2013

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Earth Hour 2013

Kindred Gifts has a commitment to providing online gifts that are not only stylish and unique, but also eco-friendly and made from sustainable resources. This is why we like to support Earth Hour each year, along with the rest of the world – in fact, Earth Hour is the largest global movement for the environment annually!

At 8.30pm, local time, Saturday 23rd of March, switch off your lights and any unnecessary power sources for 1 hour (or more if you like!). Be a part of 2013's Earth hour to show your support and commitment to a sustainable future. Your future.
Kindred Gifts' contribution to the environment through our earth friendly business practices and our decision to specialise in the provision of ethical gifts, means that we always strive to stock the highest quality and most unique range of socially conscious gifts on the web, for all those people who love to do their shopping online.
To give you a taste, here are just a few of the great eco friendly gift ideas we recommend for women, men andAlchemy Goods Bike Tube Zippered Dopp Kit Toiletry Bag - Earth Hour Essentials - Gifts children of all ages:

 Alchemy Goods
Whether you are after a laptop bag, iPad case, toiletry bag or a super durable and stylish wallet, Alchemy Goods have upcycled it from bicycle innerAlchemy Goods Franklin Wallet - Online Gift Ideas for Men tubes and created it especially for you! A great gift for men, eco friendly gift idea or unique birthday gift for that special someone you’re looking to surprise, the innovative range from Alchemy Goods shows just what great design is possible when people think outside the box.

 Resource Revival
These clever designers create unique handmade gifts made fromResource Revival Bicycle Chain Bracelets recycled bike parts. Resource Revival's bike chain bottle openers, bracelets, photo frames and bottle opener key chains are ingeniouslResource Rivial Bicycle Chain Bottle Openers - Gifts and Enssentials for Earth Houry green and utilise recycled bike chains. A great corporate gift idea or green gift for men, we love this range as their quirky recycling means so much less land fill!

Kate Grenier Designs Fridge Magnet Packs
Kate Grenier’s fridge magnets are cleverly made from recycled bottle tops with gorgeous vintage imaKate Grenier Designs Planet Earth Fridge Magnets for Earth Hourges. While the range is vast, our favourite for Earth Hour today has to be the Planet Earth design. The perfect eco friendly gift, birthday gift or unique gift idea for anyone wanting to jazz up their fridge while making earth friendly choices at the same time!

Wear your Music
The stylish Wear Your Music range ticks many ethical gift boxes – this cool range of handmade gifts also supports various charities as well as using genuine guitar strings to Wear Your Music Guitar String Braceletscreate unique jewellery for you! The unisex, one size fits all Guitar String Bracelet (available in a range of funky colour options) makes a unique gift idea for men or women. A few of the amazing charities that Wear Your Music donate to includes MusiCares, 1% For the Planet, Rock the Earth, Starlight Children’s Foundation, unicef and Living Lands and Water.

Hookturn Industries Reusable BYO Cups
The perfect gift for both women and men, these reusable, BPA-free, silicone cups, available in small or large sizes, means so much less waste sent to land fill. How many hot drinks do you buy from cafes each week? Think about the millions of paper and plastic cups that are thrown away each week – that’s a whole lot of landfill! Instead, you can enjoy these designer gift ideas and help the planet at the same time. With a huge range of different colours and combos availHookTurn Industries BYO Reusable Coffee Cupsable, you’ll find a stylish design to suit anyone you know. The BYO cups make fantastic corporate gifts; unique Christmas gifts and stocking stuffer gift ideas; and the perfect gift idea for tea or coffee lovers. Start treading lighter on the planet today, and never use or throw away another paper or plastic cup again!

Makedo Craft Kits for Kids
These design and craft kits enable kids to recycle everyday materials around them for fun playtime, and teaches the concept of recycling and reducing waste earlyMakedo Cup Critters on in life. A great gift for kids of many ages, the Makedo range promotes sustainability, imagination, creativity, community and fun play. Makedo products are delivered carbon neutral and use 100% recycled paper in all of their printing and packaging.

Original Metal Box Company - Solar Powered NightNight Lights
Have you ever seen such a beautifully designed gift for kids that incorporate style and sustainability?! Powered by solar energy captured by a small solar panel on the back of the smiling sun,
these super cute night lights are the ideal eco friendly gift for kids. Made of recycled and completely recyclable steel, and doing away with the need for any batteries or power The Original Metal Box Company Night Night Lights - Solar Powered Gifts - Essentials for Earth Hourusage, these night lights are clever, portable, wireless and add instant design cred to any child’s room (not to mention they make a cool lamp option for adults as well!). Designed by cult UK 60’s designer Clifford Richards, these night lights are a beautiful baby shower gift idea; christening gift option; or maternity leave gift for staff and work colleagues.

Whether shopping online for eco friendly gifts or searching for unique gifts for family, friends or staff this year, Kindred Gifts continues to aim for environmental awareness in all our offerings. We encourage you to join us and get involved this Earth Hour too!
From candlelit suppers and picnics, to all day concerts and community events, Australians are jumping on board once again to show how we care for our environment. See your local communities events guide to see what’s happening in your area this Earth Hour, and have fun making a difference this weekend.

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Celebrate World Water Day - March 22nd 2013 - with these Top 5 Water Saving Tips

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By CEO Kellie Byrnes

World Water Day, held annually on March 22nd, is a great way to focus attention on the importance of freshwater around the world, and for advocating the sustainable management of these precious resources. First started in 1993, each year World Water Day highlights a specific aspect of freshwater. In 2013, in reflection of the International Year of Water Cooperation, World Water Day is also dedicated to the theme of cooperation around water throughout the world.

We all know that we live on a wet planet, and that without that water we would not be able to survive. While the vast majority of our water is in the oceans, only 2.5% of the planet's total supply is actually fresh water. A low number, and sadly, in many places around the world, many industries  are pumping a nasty cocktail of toxic chemicals into our water as well. China, for instance, is one country that highlights some scary water facts:

- At least 40% of China’s surface water is considered polluted
- A staggering 20% of the groundwater used as drinking water in China’s urban areas is contaminated, sometimes with carcinogenic hazardous chemicals.
- In China alone, 320 million people are without access to clean drinking water.

As well, thorough Greenpeace investigations have revealed that the majority of clothing items from big fashion brands like GAP and Calvin Klein that were tested contained hazardous chemicals. Some of these chemicals break down to form hormone-disrupting and even cancer-causing chemicals when released into waterways around the world - not good! The better news is that some big brands - examples include Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Benetton and Valentino - have agreed to detox their products and production processes by 2020. Definitely a start in the right direction.

This World Water Day, remember how important the world's scarce freshwater reserves are, and do your bit to help conserve water. Here are a few quick and simple tips to help you on your way:

- Eat less meat. Did you know that switching from a meat-centered weekly menu to a diet rich in vegetables and grains could save 2,500 liters of water a day?!
- Fix leaking taps, because for each leaking tap in your house, 90 litres of water can be wasted each week.
- Put the plug in the sink when you're running water to wash your hands, clean your teeth or to shave. Believe it or not, 6 litres of water can be wasted every minute when you leave the tap running.
- Make sure you have a dual-flush toilet system, as 8000 litres per year can be wasted through older style toilets.
- Reuse your greywater by collecting it in a bucket, or have a complete collection and reuse system installed in your house. Water that has only been used to rinse clothes or in the shower can easily and effectively be used through the garden and other areas afterwards instead of going straight down the drain.

You might also like to help the environment (and your health) by ensuring you regularly carry a water bottle with you, rather than needing to buy the toxic ridden plastic alternatives in the shops. Here are a few super stylish water bottles you can buy online.
One Bottle Umbrella water bottle - BPA free and stainless water bottle
Have fun shopping for gifts online for yourself or friends and family with the cute range of stainless steel water One Bottle water bottles. Designed in Australia, and BPA-free, these stylish accessories will help you to remember always to carry your water bottle with you. The One Bottle water bottle range features cute designs for adults and kids alike. If you're looking for practical yet fun gifts for kids, you can go past the sweet Fawn 500ml water bottle in candy pink; or the cool 500ml T-Rex water bottle in bright green. Adults love the vibrant blue Hot Air Balloon and mint green Umbrella designs to dress up their desk as well. Available in 500ml or 750ml water bottle sizes.
One Bottle stainless steel water bottle - Fawn. Cute deer themed water bottle for kids                    One bottle TRex water bottle - stainless steel and BPA free water bottle - dinosaur design great gift for kids                       Stainless steel water bottle - One Bottle Hot Air Balloon water bottle, a great gift idea for women or Christmas gift idea 

Another favourite brand of ours is the amazingly stylish and clever 321 Water Bottle pack. 321 Water Bottle pack - designer gifts for staff and clients
The 321 Water Bottle is a fabulous example of designer gifts that are not only designed in Australia, but also made here (very hard to find!). The seriously clever plunger and filter design means that you can always have clean, filtered water with you at all times. This super stylish and BPA-free water bottle design not only looks great, but is better for the planet, and absolutely better for your health as well, meaning no more nasty toxins can enter your body from the water you drink. A great water bottle for travelling, and a beautiful designer gift idea for women and men of all ages, the 321 Water Bottle pack is the perfect choice.
321 Water Bottle pack - stylish designer gifts for women and unique gifts for men

Image sources: Top image via www.UNWater.org and second image via www.Blogs.Worldbank.org

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5 Top Gifts for Mums this Mother's Day

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With Mother's Day fast approaching (it's on Sunday, May 12th this year), it’s quickly becoming time to start thinking about what you're going to do for your Mum on her special day. We think Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your Mother just how much you love and appreciate her. Whether you present her with a thoughtful gift you’ve found online or make her something special, it's the thought that counts. Mums love to be – and let’s face it, deserve! – to receive a little love and recognition for all they do, and Mothers Day is a perfect day to show your Mum how much you care.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together a Mothers Day gift guide of some of our top selling gifts for Mums:

For more Mothers Day gift ideas for your Mum this year, check out the rest of our great range of online gifts for Mothers. Online shopping makes gift giving a cinch, whether you’re having your gift sent directly to your Mum in Australia or around the world, or if you’re having the gift sent to yourself so that you can present it to Mum on Mothers Day. You can also choose to have your gift wrapped by us, and let us know the personalised gift message you’d like added to the gift. You can shop online any time of the day or night, and don’t have to worry about fighting the crowds to get a park in busy shopping centres – that’s right, we’ve made gift giving super easy this Mother’s Day!

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Top 7 Bestselling Wedding Gift Ideas to Surprise and Delight

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women, Events and special occasions' on March 19, 2013, 12:00 am

At Kindred Gifts we believe in giving something special, something from the heart. A love filled gift from the depths of our soul. A "Kindred" Gift.

When delighting in the unique range of design gifts we have to offer here at Kindred Gifts, we like you to feel your personal touch goes into it also. That is why we offer personalised gift tags with your gift wrapping, for you to add your special message and best wishes to the unique wedding gift you send to the special couple.

To help you in your online gift search, let’s take a look at some of the bestsBold & Noble World Type Map Print - Unique Wedding Gifts elling wedding gifts we offer here at Kindred Gifts:

UK design brand Bold and Noble create stylish and artistic Type Map Prints of cities and countries around the world to add plenty of pizazz to your walls. Our top picks – and bestselling prints – for perfect wedding gifts are the Type Map print of Australia and The World Type Map print. Either one of these stylish hand-pulled screen prints makes a creative and memorable wedding gift or engagement gift. Available in 3 different colour options, the World map print is a great feature in any newlyweds’ home. For any Aussie couple living here or overseas, the Australia type map print is the ideal gift. It comes in sheer slate and duck egg blue colour options to enhance any decor. These beautiful unisex gifts are a perfect fit for Vers Audio 1.5R Alarm/Clock/Radio/Dock - Wedding Gifts Onlinea standard 50 x 70 frame and look great in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. All Bold & Noble typography prints are handmade and printed ethically on environmentally friendly, recycled paper, making them not only stylish gift ideas but green gifts as well.

The sleek and contemporary stylings of the Vers Audio 1.5R Alarm/Clock/Radio/Dock is the ideal wedding gift for a couple who love their music and/or design. The Vers dock is a compact AM/FM sound system for iPods and iPhones. From dual alarm to charging your gadget while you listen, this designer wedding gift has many more mechanical features within its stylish bamboo or walnut finish.

Izola Shower World Map Shower Curtain - Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts

Izola Shower presents us with the wonderful World Map PEVA Shower Curtain, sure to be the star of any newlyweds’ bathroom. This colourful and quirky, yet stylish shower curtain is a perfect engagement present or wedding gift. Not just featuring cool style, but also non-toxic and environmentally friendly, these PEVA shower curtains are a better choice for both design and the health of peoPWE St Vincents Ceramic Olive Oil Decanter - Homeware Gifts as Wedding Giftsple and the planet. Give that beloved couple in your life a present that’s a little different from the rest.

A couple who love cooking together will appreciate the gorgeous Oliveria Peace with Earth St Vincent's ceramic olive oil decanter. The perfect Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas 'You are the cream in my coffee' - Wedding Gifts Onlinechoice for an engagement gift or wedding present with heart, a percentage of the profits on each beautifully designed homeware is contributed to medical research here in Australia.

Designer UK brand Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas have a gorgeous print designed for that quirky coffee loving couple - "You are the cream in my coffee". This classy black on white design says it all. The perfect gift for their engagement or wedding and a unique choice to make your gift a memorable one!

Alternatively, why not sHandpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Espresso Travel set - Portable Coffee Machine - Wedding Gift Ideas poil that special couple with an amazingly designed, Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Espresso Travel set? French design brand Handpresso have created the ideal wedding gift for those newlyweds who are always on the run, indoors or outdoors! Whether it is their love of coffee, or keeping up their caffeine levels when on picnics, camping or travelling, the Handpresso Hybrid Outdoor Espresso machines will fit the bill. These eco friendly gifts (they work on handpower, not traditional power), make the perfect engagement gifts or wedding presents – just don’t forget to ask the couple to invite you along the next time they’re using the cool machine!

Ethical design firm Bambu have created a beautifully designed Bamboo Lacquerware Salad Bowl for that engagement present or wedding gift with a twist. The brilliant cobalt blue or Bambu Lacquerware Bamboo Salad Bowl - Burnt Orangeburnt orange exterior complements the natural finish of our favourite sustainable resource – bamboo. Simple design and ample volume makes this bowl the perfect gift for the newlywed couple who love to entertain in style, while considering the environment at the same time.

This is just a selection of some our bestselling wedding gifts and engagement gift ideas. For more online shopping choices and eco friendly gifts or handmade gifts that will help you feel good to give, check out more of our range online today.

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Unique Easter Gift Ideas to Sweeten Up Your Easter Gifting!

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Unique Gift Ideas for Easter:

Whether it’s a special someone you want to spoil with a meaningful keepsake other than chocolate, or someone who cannot eat dairy or sugar, Kindred Gifts has the perfect online Easter gift idea for you!

This year Easter gets a whole lot tastier when you shop online for some sweet gifts, such as the fun Kate Grenier Designs Easter and Chocolate themed fridge magnets, handKate Grenier Easter Magnets - Unique Easter Gift Ideasmade from recycled bottled tops with vintage images. These cute magnets donning vintage style art are the ideal Easter gift for women. If you are gifting from afar, these designer magnets are the ideal unique gift to send to someone special to say ‘Happy Easter’ when you can’t be there in person. And everytime she opens the fridge to eat some more of that giant Easter egg, she will be reminded of the beautiful – and calorie free! - present you have sent her.

Looking for the perfect Easter gift for a man? Why not give that special man in your life a little piece of chocolate memorabilia as an Easter gift? With the stylish 33 Books 33 Blocks of Chocolate33 Books - Chocolates Journal - easter gifts online pocket sized tasting journal, you can do just that! Whether it’s a gift for Father, husband, brother, son or a friend, you can let him record and critique each Easter egg he devours and all chocolates from this moment on! Very easy to pop into his pocket and take to favourite spots, this unique notebook is the ideal gift to send to your far away friend or to gift to a work colleague or staff member.

With every child’s Easter Sunday being full of delicious Easter eggs, sometimes it is difficult to slow down the chocolate eating. Online at Kindred Gifts, you will discover the perfect gift for your Fluf 'Chip' Lunch Bag - Organic Easter Giftskids... and you can even throw a few Easter eggs into it! Designer homewares brand Fluf’s ‘Chirp’ organic cotton Lunch Bag is the ideal gift for your kids this holiday season. Fluf’s eco friendly, machine washable lunch bag is this year’s pick for a quirky yet versatile Easter gift. Make this Easter special and different, and the next term of school lunches even more fun yet practical! Fluf makes a whole range of great organic products for adults and kids alike, and always ensure that their trendy homewares and gifts are BPA-free, non toxic and stylish.

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Unique Gift Ideas to Go Green this St Patrick's Day

Posted in 'Baby Gifts and Gifts for Kids, Gifts for Men, Back to Work and Corporate Gifts, Gifts for Women, Events and special occasions' on March 14, 2013, 12:00 am
Great green ideas, to be sure, to be sure! This St Patrick’s day you can be sure to impress your Irish loved oKate Grenier 'Luck ' Fridge Magnets- Unique Gifts Onlinene with Kindred Gifts’ range of unique, designer and luck inspired gifts. Whether you are presenting your St Patrick’s Day gift over a pint of Guinness or shopping online to send to Ireland, there is something for everyone at Kindred Gifts.

Make a statement with these fun, handmade Kate Grenier Designs ‘Luck’ fridge magnets, donning the quintessential theme of Irish folk lore, the Leprechaun! Along with a few other vintage style images, these magnets are the perfect gift for women and men on this nation’s special day. An ideal online gift option for sending to friends and family to show the lucky one that they are indeed very lucky! Bold & Noble Type Map Ireland Print - Gifts for Men

Another stylish and unique unisex gift for men or women we also love is UK design firm Bold and Noble's Type Map Ireland Print. With its contemporary design and two colours to choose from, this cool typography print will please and inspire any of your beloved Irish (or avid traveller) friends. This print is a beautiful St Patrick’s day gift for men and women of many ages, and also makes a fantastic corporate gift idea. If you know of any special couples getting married on the day of luck, then this beautiful handmade and eco friendly print also makes a terrific wedding gift idea!
Bold & Noble Type Map Dublin Print - Ideal Corporate Gift
Brand NEW to Kindred Gifts is also a very sexy Bold and Noble type map print of Dublin. The perfect gift for men, women, avid travelers and Dublin patriots, this hand pulled screen print is a great gift for a sentimental individual to remind them of home. Impress your Irish beloved with this stylish typographic map this St Patrick’s day.

Another online gift idea for you - why not spoil your loved one this St Patrick’s Day with a beautiful lucky charm? The stylish Dogeared Wishbone necklaces come in two sizes and three finishes, so you Dogeared Large Wishbone gold dipped necklace - handmade gifts for womencan pick the perfect handmade gift for that special someone.

 An ideal gift for women, the Dogeared Make a Wish Large Wishbone Reminder Necklace is gold dipped and gorgeous. On sale now, perfect for this St Patrick’s day!

Another perfect St Patrick’s Day gift for women and teenagers is a Dogeared Wish Reminder Necklace Teeny Wishbone. Whether you select sterling silver or gold dipped, this beautiful hand crafted wishbone is sure to be the inspiration for many wishes and dreams come true!
Dogeared Teeny Wishbone gold dipped necklace - handmade gifts for women  Dogeared Teeny Wishbone sterling silver necklace - meaningful gifts for women

Dogeared have also graced our range with a Good Luck Elephant Reminder Necklace, which Dogeared Good Luck gold dipped elephant necklace - unique gift ideas for womenis just perfect for St Patrick’s Day. The ideal gift for women and not necessarily Irish ones, it even comes with its own good luck reminder, to ‘point your trunk up towards the sky and believe!’ This gorgeous little gold dipped elephant is the ideal gift for that special person in your life to remind them just how lucky they are.

No matter what kind of online gifts you're looking to shop for, we can help you find something special for that wonderful person in  your life. Hopefully this selection has given you a little taster for the great gift ideas that are available when you shop online. :)

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Treat Mum this Mother's Day with Sweet, Handmade Jewellery Gifts

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For centuries some of the world’s most famous politicians, business leaders and philanthropists have credited their Mums with being the force behind their success (Abraham Lincoln and George Washington publicly attributed their success to their Mothers); while this year we saw both Australian actress nominees at the 2013 Academy Awards, Naomi Watts and Jacki Weaver, honoured for their roles playing gutsy Mums - while Sandra Bullock won an Oscar in 2010 playing someone’s Mother.

It just goes to show how important our Mums are in our lives, and this Mother's Day (Sunday May 12, 2013 in Australia) is the perfect time to show your dear Mum just how much you appreciate all she does for you.

We think that one of the loveliest ways to do this is to gift Mum with a special and meaningful piece of jewellery. To help get your Mother's Day gift giving all sorted, we've put together a shortlist of some of our favourite jewellery items for Mums this year that you can easily shop for online. Add gift wrapping and a gift message to your Mum, tell us her address, and we'll have your gift sent to your mother before you know it!

- Dogeared 'I love Mum' necklace - This white large freshwater pearl with a sterling silver closure and chain necklace makes a great gift for Mum with a heart warming message printed on the card. Mum will treasure a gift like this for years to come.

- Same Sky wrap bracelet - Purple Rain (Long), and Purple Rain (Short - are handmade in Zambia by HIV women. These stylish bracelets come with a message regarding the meaning behind it, and make a cute gift with the bright coloured pouch they come in.

Long:                                                                   Short:

- Dogeared One in a Million necklace - with a sweet, simple message of individuality and gratitude, show how much you love Mum with this necklace featuring a hand soldered, gold dipped Sand Dollar pendant on a taupe silk necklace.

- Same Sky glass bead bracelet - Honeysuckle and White Tiger - Spoil mum with Same Sky's bead bracelet range this Mothers Day. They are handmade by women in Zambia that are diagnosed with HIV. This is a special gift your mother will love (and make her friends jealous too!).

Same Sky glass beaded bracelet Honeysuckle - Fairtrade gifts for Mum  Same Sky glass beaded bracelet White Tiger - Fair trade gifts for Mothers

- Dogeared Original Karma necklace and Original Karma bracelet - Dogeared's Karma Range is a lovely, positive gift for mum. Made from sterling silver, you can chose from either gold or silver to best suit your mum this Mothers Day.

- Same Sky prosperity bracelets are handmade by women who have been diagnosed with HIV in Zambia. Each bracelet comes with a card explaining the meaning behind them, and a cute, brightly coloured fabric pouch making this a wonderful gift for mum.


- Wear Your Music guitar string bracelets are made from recycled guitar strings that are light weight, durable and one size fits all. Ranging from a wide selection of colours, your mum will add a new accent to her jewellery box this year.

- Dogeared Pearls of Love, Pearls of Beauty and Pearls of Wisdom - Give a gift with real meaning this Mothers Day which is sure to put a smile on her face. This lovely Pearl necklace range is by Dogeared made of a sterling silver closure and necklace, finished with a large white freshwater pearl.

Dogeared Pearls of Beauty Sterling Silver Reminder NecklaceDogeared Pearls of Wisdom Sterling Silver Reminder Necklace

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Beautiful baby gifts – we love Dandelion’s organic cotton, eco friendly range for babies and kids

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Beautiful baby gifts – we love Dandelion’s organic cotton, eco friendly range for babies and kids

Dandelion creates high quality, eco-friendly baby toys that are designed to grow with your baby. The diverse range of Dandelion products offer parents peace of mind with a range of eco-conscious items for babies to teethe on, play with and eat with.

Dandelion is a family owned and focused company whose owners, Craig and Amy Shumway, recognized the need for safer toys for babies to play with (knowing everything goes into a baby’s mouth!). As a result they took their more than twenty years of experience in baby products and created a greener option for children and parents around the world to welcome into their homes.

Besides offering something better for babies, we love that Dandelion also is a charitable company, as it gives back to a variety of community organizations each year. We love the practicality and beauty of the organic products that Dandelion produces, and in particular, think it’s AMAZING that their toys are machine washable! Dandelion toys are made of organic fabrics or non-toxic bamboo, with natural corn filling, and additionally, they also use only 100% recycled packaging with vegetable inks. Not only that, but they’re also doing their bit to create a greener work place by incorporating tactics to reduce energy, providing staff with reusable water bottles, and utilizing recycled paper products – making them a seriously eco-friendly brand!

One of the most popular ranges within Dandelion’s offerings is the sweet Pink Dandelion Pink Bunny Blanket - online gifts for babiesrange. Perfect for baby shower gifts, new born baby gifts, and maternity leave gifts for staff, the range of Pink products is seriously cute! The Pink Bunny Teething Blanket, for instance, is incredibly soft and patterned with an adorable butterfly and flowers. Made of organic cotton with a corn fibre filling, this versatile blanket is of course machine washable to boot. Don’t you just love it when toys are environmentally friendly and easy on parents as well?Babies love to play with the knotted ends on the blanket and have a great time using the cute bunny ears to teethe on!We love that a portion of the proceeds from all of the items in Dandelion’s Pink range will go towards supporting breast cancer research too. When you’re searching for the right online baby gifts you can be sure that this range of organic products is the perfect feel good option – better for baby, better for the planet, and better for a new parent’s piece of mind!

The Dandelion Pink Toddler Doll (available as a blonde or brunette) is another product in the Pink range, and is aimed at a slightly older age group. Great as a christening gift that little girls can treasure forever, this swDandelion Toddler Dolls - baby gifts onlineeet dolly is made of all organic materials (she feels like super soft plush velour) and is stuffed with a corn based filling. The doll is the perfect size to fit under a little girl’s protective arm and is incredibly cuddly and soft. A wonderful alternative to traditional dolls with those nasty plastic heads, which are typically made with PVC and laced with chemicals, the Toddler doll definitely earned its spot on the 2010 Toy Guide in the USA. As with Dandelion’s other products, parents can machine wash and then dry this little cutie and she’ll pop back as good as new, which is a fantastic bonus for children with allergies to dust. Many little girls get so attached to their doll that parents end up buying two, so that there’s always a spare to cuddle when the other one is in the wash! Now that’s a present for kids that you know is loved and remembered.

Dandelion certainly makes quite a variety of practical yet earth-friendly toys, which now also includes the newly released, hand crocheted, Pretend Play range of rattles. At a great price point of $15.99, these toys are handmade with bamboo fibrDandelion Crinkle Duck and Frog Rattles - gifts for babies onlinees and stuffed with corn-based inners. These non-toxic toys are also machine washable – brilliant! – which is usually a must when it comes to soft baby toys in most homes. Babies love the bright colours in these cute rattles, and as they’re nice and chunky and easy for a baby to hold, they’ll love to carry around their new friends. The dolls in the Pretend Play range also have a rattle inside, which is great to keep a newborn baby amused. They also make great teething toys, and considering that they’re made naturally with bamboo and are free of the usual toxic chemicals, parents don’t have to stress if they see these little guys ending up in their baby’s mouth!

The best part about these toys is that they grow with your child, making them a really versatile newborn baby gift or baby shower gift. When a baby gets too big to be interested in the rattle anymore, start using the toys to tickle their imagination. To begin with, you can tell them stories using the character(s) of the toys, and then when they’re older they can start creating their own tales.

Dandelion have also created some amazing, and colourful, Teething Keys for parents to give thDandelion Baby Teether Keys - baby gifts onlineeir bubs to help with the teething process. Made of Dandelion’s innovative cornstarch bioplastic, the boldly coloured keys are safe for babies to teeth on, with no BPA, no PVC, no phthalates - and less worries for parents! The teether keys feel good for babies to hold and are the perfect size for their little hands to grab onto. Lots of parents have told us that they wish these were available when their kids were babies! For new parents, there is finally a safer, more natural version of the old favourites to have on hand. At a low price of $12.99 they’re also a nice and affordable gift idea.

Dandelion also makes an ingenious line of feeding dishes and utensils for babies that are perfect to have on hand at meal time. Bright and beautiful, the new Re-Play range for kids’ tableware is made from 100% recycled milk bottles – so it helps save the planet – plus eacDandelion Re-Play Products - online gifts for babiesh piece is also dishwasher proof – to save parents’ sanity! With plates, bowls, cutlery and spill proof cups in this delightful range, recycling has never been quite so affordable or quite so cool. These practical products make perfect baby gifts for new babies and baby showers. They’re also a great way for businesses to show their eco friendly chops, by gifting these kinds of cute baby gifts to their staff when they have a bub and head off on maternity leave.

If you’re after natural and eco friendly toys for your little one or as baby gifts for a friend we highly recommend having a look through the beautiful Dandelion range. We love a company that truly cares about the Earth and the wellbeing of its inhabitants, and Dandelion definitely does!

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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day is a relatively new tradition, when compared to religious days like Christmas or saints’ day, or even social celebrations like Boxing Day or Guy Fawkes. Originally an American invention, Mothers Day became popular in Australia in the early 1920s. Janet Heyden was a regular visitor to the Newington State Home for Women, which housed many mothers who had been forgotten or neglected by their families. With the help of local children Mrs Heywood organised presents for these mums to cheer them up - every year after that, her efforts grew, gaining support by local businesses and the mayor.

Nowadays we offer gifts for our own mothers and treat them to cuddles, a card and often breakfast in bed – the quality of which certainly varies from house to house! Every year the whole nation wracks their brain trying to think of a unique gift for their mum that shDogeared - I Love Mom Pearl Necklace - mothers day gifts - online gifts for mumows her how much they really do love her. Because we all love our mums very much, it often seems that no present for Mother’s Day will ever really be up to the task. But that should never stop us trying!

Kindred Gifts are here to help make online gift shopping for Mother’s Day much easier, with our great range of ethical, handmade, Fair Trade, charitable, eco friendly and organic Mothers Day gifts. We have eco friendly jewellery like the fantastic handmade and designer Dogeared range (the ‘I Love Mom’ Pearl necklace is a lovely choice); and organic beauty products, like the LI’TYA Travel Gift Pack, to make Mums feel all ladylike. A great Australian gift iLI'TYA Travel Gift Pack - online gifts for mothers day - beauty gifts for mumdea, the range of LI’TYA is handmade locally here in Oz from all natural ingredients, and charitable (a percentage goes to contributions for indigenous charities) to boot.

Another great Mother’s Day gift option for many Mums is a homewares gift. To help your Mother have a wonderful home (after all the years she gave you one), we have gorgeous things for her house, such as quirky handmade fridge magnets from KBold & Noble - LOVE print for mothers day - online gifts for mumate Grenier Designs; eco friendly designer prints from Bold and Noble or The Keep Calm Gallery by The Lepolas; as well as amazing, organic cotton lunch bags from Fluf. As well, for note keeping and recording Mum’s special thoughts, we have notebooks and journals that not only look good, but are eco friendly and recycled too. The Write Now range or the Positively Green range of notebooks from Compendium is another fantastic example of an ethical yet practical gift for mothers this Mother’s Day.

Remember it’s never about how much you spend – rather it’s about finding a gift for your mum that she will truly appreciate and know that you put a lot of thought into. That’s why we have a large selection of feel good gift ideas at a great variety of prices. Have some fun shopping online today from our broad range of gifts for your mother that are sure to delight.

Happy Mother’s Day Mums! :)

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Baby Gift Ideas For Friends, Family and Staff

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Baby Gift Ideas for Friends, Family and Staff

When someone in your family, or a friend or work colleague is about to have a baby, it’s often hard to think of the ideal newborn baby gift. Luckily, we’re here to help and have made a list of the Top Five Tips for finding memorable gifts for a baby online today.
Hank and JoJos Retro Tube bamboo sock sets - online baby gifts
1) Keep it gender neutral
Even if you know the gender of the baby, more and more parents are choosing to refrain from dressing their little tykes in overly gendered colours like strong pink or blue colour schemes. Thankfully there is always a range of cute – yet more gender neutral - baby clothing available in white, creams, greens, and reds.  The eco friendly range of Hank & JoJo Retro Tube bamboo sock sets is a great example of fun, unisex design. Loved by celebs for their babies (think Gwen Stefani’s little man Kingston), and made of chemical free and eco friendly bamboo, these super cute knee high socks will be a fantastic addition to any newborn baby’s closet.

2) If in doubt, go practical
If you’re unsure as to the mother’s tastes in clothing, it can be a good idea to select practical baby gifts, like our Little Pumpkin Organics Sleepy Baby Balm, for instance. Handmade in Australia using purely natural and organic products, the beautiful Little PumpkinLittlePimpkin Organics Sleepy Baby Balm - baby gifts - how to put a baby to sleep Organics range is perfect for a new born baby’s sensitive skin. It’s also the perfect gift idea for babies when you’re not sure of the sex, so it is a great choice for any baby gifts you need to shop for online. These types of practical yet pure and ethical gifts are endlessly useful and are often things the parents may forget to buy – making your gift a winner any day. And what parent doesn’t love the idea of a gift for their baby that will help the bub sleep better!

3) Babies grow quickly
Sometimes it’s a good idea to purchase 3 month or 6 month old clothing (or even older) rather than newborn baby clothing sizes. ManyMaptote Organic Cotton Onsies - online gifts for babies - baby onsies - eco friendly onsies new parents are inundated with newborn size singlets, booties and hats and discover in a couple of months that baby has nothing to wear that fits. Buck the trend with by choosing more practical sizes, and we’re sure the new parents will be grateful! A great organic product option available in multiple sizes is the sweet Maptote Organic Cotton Onesie for babies, in a Paris or New York City theme. These super soft yet funky designer clothes for babies will keep parents and bubs happy – parents will love the eco friendly features of this organic cotton onesie, while babies will love how soft and chemical free it is against their sensitive newborn skin. These onesies make lovely maternity leave gifts for staff or co-workers, and baby shower gifts for parents-to-be.

4) Natural is best
A baby’s skin is incredibly fragile and susceptible to irritation. Keep newborn babies comfortable by choosing all natural materials, like organic cotton, bamboo or hemp, that hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals either in processing or printing. The beautiful range of organic cotton baby toys from Dandelion are a great example of eco friendly and non-toxic baby gifts. With sweet gift ideas for baby boys, baby girls or unisex options for bubs on the way, the Dandelion range of baby gifts is a great choice when you need a cute yet practical gift for a newborn baby; a baby shower gift; or a christening gift. One of our faDandelion Plush Lion - Dandelion Bamboo Zoo Toys - baby gifts/plush toysvourite items in the Dandelion range is the super soft range of Bamboo Zoo toys – from the adorable Plush Lion to the sweet Giraffe Soft Shaker Rattle, you’re certain to find the perfect gift idea for all babies.
5) Every baby needs toys
One of the best things about buying gifts for a baby is that toys are good for them, and fun to purchase! Toys and play time increase a baby’s motor and verbal skills (if only to demand which toy they want!) and they need a variety of toys for a full range of development. Tiger Tribe’s range of Baby Bell Roller Toys – including a Dog, Elephant and Duck – are a fantastic, affordable yet eco friendly gift idea for babies to enjoy. Designed here in Australia, these beautifully packaged presents for babies are made from sustainable plantation forest wood; free of lead and heavy metals; and decorated with non-toxic paints. They are perfect for babies 18 months and upwards, and also make a really cute addition to a new baby’s room décor.

For more ideas for the perfect christening gift or baby shower gift, browse through our selection of unique presents for a baby. We’re sure you’ll find just the right present for your loved one and their new arrival. 


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Choosing the best Fathers Gifts to celebrate your Dad this Father’s Day

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Choosing the best Fathers Gifts to celebrate your Dad this Father’s Day

Yep, we know, Dads are notoriously hard to buy for! When you really don’t have a clue as to what to get your Dad as a Fathers Day gift, it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety and many hours of lost time looking for the perfect gift online. Luckily we can assure you that there are plenty of great gift ideas available when you’re ready to do some online shopping, that can make the entire process of choosing a gift for Dad this Father’s Day a bit easier. Read on to see some great Father’s Day gift ideas that your father is sure to love and that can easily be purchased by shopping online today at our fun online design store.

One of the first ways we suggest to find the best gift for your father is to ponder what he likes to spend his time doing or is most interested in. For example, if your Dad is a big golf Kate Grenier Golf Fridge Magnets - online gifts for dad this Fathers Daylover, you’ll not have a problem finding him a great gift that caters to all those golf fans out there. If you’re not keen on buying him something boring and bland like golf balls or tees, you can get a bit creative with these great Kate Grenier Designs golf fridge magnets that he can put in his office or on the fridge at home. These cool ethical gifts, made from recycled bottle tops and vintage images, are a great example of unusual gifts that are fun, handmade, eco friendly, and something different. Thinking outside the square when giving gifts is a great way to find amazing gifts that he will not only enjoy, but presents that are practical and enjoyable for him too.
Alchemy Goods bike messenger bag - online gifts for dad this Fathers Day
If you’re looking for the best gifts for Dad that are a perfect fit for a father into fitness, an Alchemy Goods bike messenger bag made from recycled bike tubes can be a great gift idea for him. These bags are truly unique, stylish and offer a great way to carry his things from point A to point B whilst riding his bike around. These bags make super cool ethical gifts and are really great if your dad enjoys biking to and from work or the gym and needs to carry a change of clothes, paperwork or other bits and pieces.

Speaking of being out and about, another amazing option when you’re looking for special fathers gifts for Dad are fun day bike tours. For example, there is the Real Melbourne half day photography bike touReal Melbourne half day photography bike tours - fathers day gifts for dad onliners of that great cultural city down south, Melbourne. Buy Dad a gift voucher for one of these cool, eco friendly workshops/tours and not only will he experience and learn about the city of Melbourne, but he’ll also learn about photography at the same time, and have some great pictures to take home with him. Another nice thing about these tours is that it’s something that you can spend time doing with your Dad as well – and we all know that’s the one thing most Dads love to receive more than anything else – time!  This kind of father/child bonding day in one of the most distinct cities in the world definitely makes an excellent gift for Father’s Day.

Finally, things that many fathers get a kick out of are gadgets and technology. These are items that can be purchased pretty readily, can be quirky and eye catching, and are sure to be a hit when your Dad opens up his Father’s Day gifts. A couple of our favourite gift ideas in this area are theVers Audio Bamboo iPhone Case for 4/4S - online gifts for Fathers day - Fathers Day gifts for dad Vers Audio bamboo Slimline iPhone cases for the 4/4S, and the awesome new 7E Handsfree Earphones, also from Vers, that have amazing sound and are available in bamboo or natural walnut options.

If you’re looking for some other great gift ideas for Fathers Day – anything from homewares to water bottles to organic products, Fair trade gifts or something stylish yet eco friendly, our gift shop is sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration for all your online shopping this Father’s Day. Head here for our top gift ideas for Fathers this September.
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Great Mother's Day Gifts Ideas to Suit Every Mum

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Every MumDogeared I Love Mum Pearl Necklace - Special Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up once again, leaving sons and daughters everywhere desperately trying to find Mother’s day gifts that adequately express their love and gratitude. If you are one of the many left looking for unique Mothers day gift ideas, here are some tips on finding the perfect present.

When you are searching for something unique you have to avoid Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag - Unique Gift Ideas for Mum this Mothers Daythe standard shops that are filled with the cliché slippers and robes and take a look at buying your gift online instead. You will find a massive range out there on the web and will be able to easily find online gifts that suits your Mum’s personality and taste. Whether she is a cooking extraordinaire, fashion enthusiast or a lady that loves to travel, you're sure to find the perfect gift online at prices that will put the shopping centre stores to shame.

If your Mum is a fan of Mother Nature and everything natural, eco friendly products and organic gifts are the way to go. Sustainable brands such as Fluf and Manor 12 provide Purestuf Womens Travel Pack - Unique Ideas for Mothers Day Giftssome amazing organic products such as lunch bags and pillow cases, with patterns that are both gorgeous and funky. You can also purchase organic skin care products that will help Mum pamper herself after a hard day, like the all natural and Australian made brand Purestuf.

What is a better gift idea for Mum than one that helps other women stay strong and positive throughout their lives? Charitable brands like Same Same Sky White Tiger Glass Bead Bracelet - Stylish Unique Mothers Day Gifts for MumSky are providers of fair trade gifts that help women in Rwanda build their lives and escape poverty by being employed to make gorgeous handmade jewellery. There are also many companies, such as Dogeared Jewellery, that donate some of their proceeds to charities that help cancer research, terminally ill patients and ensuring girls around the world have access to education. The beautiful range of Karma jewelry from Dogeared is a great example of beautiful gifts that give back to charity and help Mum to feel special on Mother's Day at the same time.

Dogeared jewellery Karma range - handmade gifts for women at Mother's Day

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Wedding Gift Ideas for the Perfect Wedding Present

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Wedding Gift Ideas with Kindred Gifts

Traditionally, a wedding gift was given to help a newlywed couple set up their home – thus the plethora of casserole dishes, toasters and weird porcelain statues from the Aunties that nobody really knew quite what to do with. Many of these wedding presents were left to gather dust in attics or back cupboards, only bought out when that particular relative visited.

Nowadays, presents for the wedding are a lot more fun and a great deal more attractive! Many people still give a present for the home, but they are usually more of a reflection of the couple and their tastes in decor and furnishings. In short, they’re much more likely to be used.  Many couples love designer homewares and are thrilled with specBold & Noble World Type Map Printial pieces that they can add to their home and remember their special day with – just ensure you have a decent idea of their taste, or get their feedback – before you purchase.

At Kindred Gifts, we have a range of wedding gifts that can show you know the happy couple well. If the soon-to-be-husband and wife are keen travellers, they may appreciate a Bold and Noble type map print of a country they’ve travelled to together, to remember happy times. The stylish Bold and Noble World Type Map Print, for instance, is one of our bestsellers, and is available in 3 trendy yet practical colours - Reflex Blue, Sheer Slate, or Warm Grey. Another popular choice in the range is the Australia print - a great gift idea for an Aussie couple you know, as well as a fab gift option for friends or family who live overseas now.Handpresso portable espresso maker travel kit - portable coffee machine

You also couldn’t go wrong buying a Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso maker travel kit for coffee-loving couples. The amazingly designed, eco friendly and travel ready espresso maker doesn't need any electricity to run, and makes the perfect green gift idea for environmentally conscious - or coffee loving! - bride and grooms.

For adventurous couples, you might like to check out our gift vouchers for eco friendly biking tours of Real Melbourne Bike Tours photography workshop Melbourne. Real Melbourne Bike Tours offer half day tours of Melbourne, including the unique photography workshop/bike tour combo that teaches all the tricks of the photography trade while you cycle around Melbourne and check out the amazing city!

Along with doing away with dingy gifts, the modern day also offers the convenience of buying wedding gifts online. No need to waste precious weekend time in the shops, you can organise it all in a spare moment at home (or even a sneaky moment in the office). If you’re having trouble deciding exactly what to buy as a wedding gift, you can bookmark the page and come back after you’ve had a think about it – or had a chat with someone who may have a better idea of what the bride and groom may want. For a small fee we can also expertly wrap the present – yep, nice and easy!

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Valentines Day Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide - unique gifts for women and fun gifts for men this Valentines!

With the day of love, Valentines Day, fast approaching, the hunt is on to find the most swoon-worthy gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife...anyone who is your sweetie!

If you're looking for something a bit more memorable than the standard bouquet of flowers or traditional box of chocolates, you've come to the right online shop! If your loved one is in Australia, we can have their gifts sent to anywhere in Australia. If you're not there to see them on the day, never fear, as you can have gifts delivered to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Tasmania, regional areas, remote areas... you name it! Or if your fave person is overseas somewhere, then don't stress, as we'll also deliver online gifts overseas for a reasonable flat rate to most countries around the world.

We've rounded up several stylish Valentine's Day gifts sure to delight your leading lady or favourite stud. Our unique gifts for men and romantic gifts for women will satisfy every taste and help fuel the romance this Valentines Day!

- Bold and Noble Wild Wood Mini Screen Print

Bold & Noble Screen Print - Valentines Day Gifts

- Fluf Organic Cotton 'I Heart You' Lunch Bag

- Resource Revival Bike Chain Bottle Opener in red

Rescource Revival Bicycle Chain Red Bottler Opener - Valentines Day Gifts for Men

- Dogeared Infinite Love sterling silver necklace

- Vers Audio iPhone 4/4S Case in bamboo

- Bold & Noble Love Print


- Izola PEVA Paris Shower Curtain

- Hookturn Industries BYO Reusable Coffee Cup - red cup/white lid

- Handpresso Wild Hybrid Portable Espresso Maker - Outdoor Travel Set


- Dogeared Original Karma necklace in sterling silver


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Fun Valentines Day Facts

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women, Events and special occasions' on February 8, 2013, 12:00 am
Fun Valentine's Day Facts!

- Guess who actually receives the most Valentine's Day cards each year? Teachers! Ain't that sweet (excuse the pun)! This is then followed by children (who exchange Bold & Noble Love Print - Valentines Day Gifts for WomenValentines with teachers, friends and family), then mothers and wives). Are you feeling a little left out guys?
- Interestingly, around 3% of pet owners prefer to give Valentine gifts to their pets, rather than people, as they believe they're more grateful than humans!
- Around the time of 498 A.D. Pope Gelasius declared February 14 to be "St. Valentine's Day" - isn't that a huge amount of love notes and gifts being exchanged over the years as a result?!
- According to the American Greeting Card Association, an estimated one billion Valentine cards are sent each year! This makes Valentine's Day the secoKate Grenier Chocolate Magnets - Valentines Day Gift for Mennd largest card-sending day of the year after Christmas. (An estimated 2.6 billion cards are sent at Christmas time as Christmas gifts or greetings and family updates.)
- Doctors in the 1800's commonly advised their patients to eat chocolate to calm their nerves when they were pining for a lost love. Well girls, some things don't change, do they? We still whip out those chocolate bars to help get us through break ups right?...Or bad days...or being sick...or to celebrate...or to feel sexy... or for a girls' night...or if we're bored...!
- Verona, the well-known Italian city in which Shakespeare's famous lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters every single year, that are sent to Juliet on Valentine's Day.
- In the Middle Ages, young people would draw names from a bowl to see who  their Valentine would be for the day. The girls and boys would wear this name pinned on their sleeves for a week so as to make it easy for other people to know their 'true feelings'. This became known as "wearing your heart on your sleeve", and thought to be where this common saying originated from!Fluf I Heart You Lunch Bag - Valentines Day Gifts for Women
- The heart has become associated with Valentine's Day as it's considered to be the source of all human emotions. The drawing of heart shapes to express love and emotion is believed to have come from early attempts to draw an organ that no one had ever seen!

Looking for some inspiration for the perfect gift for Valentine's Day? Check out our range of cool gifts for men and unique gifts for women today. If you're after gifts sent to somewhere in Australia or gifts sent overseas, we can help make gift giving easy. With flat rate shipping and free fast shipping in Austrlia on orders over $99, plus a nice easy gift wrapping service, we're your one stop gift shop!

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Top Romantic Valentine's Day Movies

Posted in 'Events and special occasions' on February 6, 2013, 9:00 am
Top romantic Valentine's Day movies to cuddle up to with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day!
Looking for a romantic movie to watch with your love this Valentine's Day? We've put together a sample of some of our fave movie options to get you in the mood, so go grab some popcorn, the remote and a cozy blanket, and enjoy!

The Princess Bride (1987) — This romantic comedy,  a cult hit that gave a tongue-in-cheek version of a classic fairy tale, tells the story of Wesley (Cary Elwes), a poor stable boy who returns from years of adventures at sea to rescue his true love, the beautiful Buttercup (Robin Wright), who has been chosen to marry an evil prince. Based on William Goldman's novel of the same name, this sweet, sentimental love story is given its comedy chops by hilarious supporting performances from actors including Wallace Shawn, Billy Crystal, Mandy Patinkin, Fred Savage, Peter Falk and Andre the Giant.
Favourite Romantic Quote:
"While we're known to regularly quote this movie in the office ('that's Inconceivable!'), our favourite mushy quote from the movie "Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”

An Affair to Remember (1957) — Terry (Deborah Kerr) and Nickie (Cary Grant) meet and fall in love on a ship traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. Both engaged to other people, they sadly say goodbye, but agree to meet six months later on top of the Empire State Building if their feelings have stayed the same.
Favourite Romantic Quote:
"Delivering the last line of the film, Kerr's character says "If you can paint, I can walk. Anything can happen, right?".

When Harry Met Sally (1989) — A modern classic for romantic comedy lovers (especially for those who secretly pine for one of their "platonic" friends), this movie follows the lives of two college classmates (Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan) over the years as they explore the age old question: Can men and women really be friends?
Favourite Romantic Quote:
"Ok we all know the obvious 'I'll have what she's having' line from the movie, but for romance, you can't go past our fave quote: "I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

The Notebook (2004) - Of course this infamous romance, based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, had to make the list. Following the courtship of Ally and Noah, who are from two very different worlds but who find themselves falling passionately in love one summer and then torn apart, the film is told in a series of flashbacks. Swooned over by ladies the world over, it’s the perfect romantic movie to watch with that special someone.
Favourite Romantic Quote:
"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That's what I hope to give you forever.”

Say Anything (1989) — This great eighties movie about an improbable match - between the sweet, underachieving kickboxer (John Cusack) and the beautiful yet sheltered valedictorian of his high school (Ione Skye) - certainly caused countless teenage girls (and women!) to long for someone to serenade them with a boombox, as Cusack's character does in the film's most memorable scene.
Favourite Romantic Quote:
"What I really want to do with my life - what I want to do for a living - is I want to be with your daughter. I'm good at it".

Need a unique Valentine's Day gift for women or men? We've got lots of great gift ideas that you can buy online today - head to our Valentines Day Gifts page for inspiration.

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Happy Waitangi Day New Zealand!

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Happy Waitangi Day New Zealand!

First officially recognized in 1934, New Zealand's national Waitangi Day commemorates the 1840 signing of the country's Treaty of Waitangi, considered to be the nation's founding document. A public holiday in New Zealand since 1974, the day is celebrated every year on February 6th.

As an Australian online design store that celebrates diversity, equality, and the greater good, we thought we'd bring to your attention some of the wonderful ways in which New Zealand has paved the way for a more socially conscious planet over the years:

- New Zealand was the first major nation to allow women to vote, with 1893 being the year that a new law was introduced, meaning both male AND female citizens were legally allowed to vote.

- New Zealand was the first country to have its 3 top positions of power held simultaneously by women: The Prime Minister (Helen Clark), the Governor General (Dame Silvia Cartwright), and the Chief Justice (Sian Elias).

- New Zealand has no nuclear power stations.

- Almost 75% of New Zealand’s electricity is actually generated by renewable mBold & Noble Type Map New Zealand Print - Anniversary Giftsethods, specifically using hydro-electricity, wind and geothermal energy.

- In New Zealand, all forms of tobacco promotion, advertising or sponsorship are banned.

- New Zealand has a thriving eco tourism sector, with responsible travel operators doing their bit around the country to keep the country's beautiful environment and wildlife protected. Principles of ecotourism - such as a focus on education, cultural authenticity, and environmental sustainability – are all key ingredients that underpin the '100% Pure New Zealand' brand that is promoted around the world.

If you're looking to shop online for a unique gift idea to celebrate this anniversary, look no further then the striking Bold & Noble Type Maps of New Zealand. Available in two designer colour options - Duck Egg Blue or Sheer Slate - these beautiful type map prints of New Zealand are unique gift ideas for any New Zealander you know. Also popular as cool Christmas gifts, unique Valentine's Day gifts and Fathers Day gifts for Dad, we love that the range of Bold and NoBold & Noble Type Map New Zealand Print - Anniversary Giftsble maps are also eco friendly gifts, being hand-pulled screen prints made on 100% recycled paper. When buying a gift online to be sent to Australia or if you're looking for gifts delivered overseas, we think it's always a great bonus to feel good about what you buy, and a green gift is a fantastic choice for this.

The Bold and Noble type map prints feature amazing typographic design, and as such are popular as gifts for men; anniversary gifts (think one year anniversary paper gifts); unique birthday gifts for men and women; handmade gifts; corporate gift ideas; and design gifts (people who love interior design and collecting fabulous homewares just love these art prints!). Whether you want to send gifts to Australia or are looking for gift delivery to New Zealand or around the world, we are the online gift store to help you!

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New Arrivals From Our Top Selling Brand, Bold & Noble!

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New Arrivals from our top selling brand, Bold & Noble!

Bold & Noble Type Map World Print - Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Gifts for Men, Gifts for WomenYou don’t need to be the jingoistic type to love Bold and Noble maps.  These beautiful hand-pulled, screenprinted type map prints are made from recycled material – printed on to lovely 100% recycled paper stock. People who love their online shopping and are looking for special gifts to send to loved ones in Australia or overseas, will love these great gifts.

 It’s been a long time in the making but we’re super excited to announce that the Bold and Noble World Map Type prints are finally here. They’re bigger and better (double the width of other prints in the range) and are a perfect gift idea for globe gallopers – think housewarming gifts; unique wedding gifts; engagement gifts; 21st birthday gifts; thank you gifts…the list goes on!

With each country’s major towns, cities and states typographically printed in the shape of the country, you can learn and appreciate the different areas in the land you live in. Enjoy studying the world map print with your kids, and make it a fun way to learn geography! Available in 3 distinctive colour options, the World Type Map is the perfect corporate gift idea to dress up any office and is popular as a retirement gift idea; a Christmas gift for staff and corporate clients; or as a lovely gift idea for rewards and recognition programs. Seen here is the brightly coloured Bold & Noble World Map in Reflex Blue.

Other best-selling bold and nobel prints include the amazingBold and Noble Australia map.  This type map Australia art print is particularly popular and the perfect anniversary gift idea for men or women. The lovely wall hanging makes a great gift idea for anyone searching for unique Australiana gifts to send overseas as gifts, or to family members living internationally. The Bold & Noble Australia Type Map has been seen in a number of your favourite magazines, including Real Living, Australian House and Garden and more,  and is the perfect bon voyage present for anyone wanting a beautiful Australia print to help stem homesickness when living overseas.

The Bold & Noble British Isles Map Print is another favourite of our customers, and a fun and eco friendly gift for British expats.  Bold & Noble Type Map London Print - Gifts for MenThe newer Bold and Noble New York print would make the perfect one year ‘paper’ wedding anniversary gift, or even a contemporary and stylish house warming gift. You’ll notice it is a great conversation starter as your guests are all trying to find their favourite places on the map.

If you want to add some Irish luck to your home, check out the print map of Ireland. It comes in Sheer Slate and a beautiful Deep Sea Green. TheBold and Noble map print London is also a unique gift and looks great in the Duck Egg Blue or Sheer Slate colour options.

You will find all your favourite nations in the Bold and Noble range, from New Zealand,Italy, Ireland,Canada,London,France, Japan and more arriving all the time. These lovely prints come in a series of stylish colours such as Sheer Slate, Duck Egg Blue, Poppy Red and Deep Sea Green, depending on which type print it is, and will suit various types of home décor.

Bold and Noble prints add instant flair to your home or office interior décor, and always make great designer gifts for fans of homewares and home decorating. As the first online store in Australia selling the beautiful range, we’re proud to help bring this stylish brand to the forefront!

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Ready, Set, Go: Get Ready for the 2012 Olympics with this Round Up of Cool British Themed Designs

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As we all know, the 2012 London Olympics is fast approaching, and soon Dynomighty Union Jack Wallets - eco friendly wallets - great gift ideaswe’ll be complaining of lack of sleep from sitting up late or getting up in the middle of the night to watch our favourite events.

London has held the Olympics before in 1908 and 1948, and is coming back for more in 2012. The big event is starting soon, with the games beginning on the 27th of July and finish on the 12th of August.

So why not get into the Olympic spirit yourself, or choose a unique gift for a British expat friend, with this fun collection of cool gift ideas from Kindred Gifts?

Dynomighty – makers of totally cool eco wallets for guys – have just released a brand new British themed Union Jack Mighty Wallet (as above), coming soon to Kindred Gifts. We also can’t get enough of their London Underground themed Mighty Wallet that's the perfect gift Slow Guide London - a slow travel guide for a more relaxed holidayidea for men who love to travel.

With the cool weather at the moment, now is the perfect time to sit down and relax with a coffee or wine and flick through the Slow London Guide Book, an inspirational lifestyle travel guide advocating the idea of Slow Travel and a slow, more stress-free life. These travel guidesFluf Union Jack organic cotton Lunch Bags make cool gifts for women or men make a great anniversary gift for men or women (think gifts made of paper for 1 Year Anniversary gifts).

Your workmates will be tuning in to the Olympic spirit once they see your new Fluf Union Jack Lunch Bag. Made from organic cotton, the bag is eco friendly, fully machine washable, has a wipeable liner, and just looks damn cool for taking your lunch to work (and helping you save money by not buying luncKate Grenier The Queen Fridge Magnetsh at the coffee shop down the road either!).

You don’t need to go buy a big red double decker bus for your Kate Grenier Keep Calm & Carry On Fridge Magnetsliving room to give your home a British theme for the Olympics this year. Kate Grenier Designs offers up ‘The Queen’ or ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ themed fridge magnets you can dress up your fridge with. Made from recycled bottle tops and funky vintage images, the magnets come in packs of six in cute silver tins, making them the perfect birthday gifts, corporate gift, or anniversary gift idea.

Bold & Noble British Isles Type Map Print - perfect anniversary gift for menAnother great way to add some UK pizzazz to your abode is to hang a Bold and Noble Type Map Print of London or the British Isles on your wall. These hand-pulled screen prints are full of amazing detail, and printed on to 100% recycled paper, so they’re also great sustainable gifts too.

Izola, specialists in funky bathroom designs, have got into the British theme with multiple PEVA shower curtains available. Containing no PVC or lead, these more environmentally sound shower curtains Izola PEVA eco friendly Shower Curtain - London Underground. A cool gift for mendesigns make great online gifts for men and women of all ages, and are a really unique wedding gift idea. The shower curtains come in many fun styles such as Trafalgar Square, London Underground, Keep Calm and Carry On, and World Map.

So, whether you’re from Britain, Australia or anywhere else around the world, you can start enjoying some online shopping guilt free today. Let the games begin!

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Choosing Amazing Anniversary Gifts is a Click Away

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If you are looking for a romantic and absolutely perfect gift for an anniversary, Dogeared Pearls of Love necklace - the perfect anniversary gift idea for womenshopping online is probably going to be your best bet. Though there are plenty of great gifts in shops around town, the entire world will open up for you when you choose to shop online for great anniversary gifts. The benefits of shopping online for gifts in Australia will quickly become apparent as you start your shopping. Here are a few great tips to choose amazing anniversary gifts online:

One of the best tips that you should keep in mind is to ask others' opinions. Though you may think that you know exactly what your partner wants as a wedding anniversary gift, many times this strategy falls short. For example, if you are shopping for anniversary gifts for women, you may want to consider asking another woman who knows her well, like a friend, sister or co-worker, what they think of the anniversary gift that you have chosen or thinking of purchasing. You should be Bold & Noble Love Print - perfect anniversary romantic anniversary gift for womenable to get a great gift for your wife when you have a little help from someone else in the process. (Kindred Gifts can help, with a beautiful and romantic gift such as the Dogeared 'Pearls of Love' Necklace, as above). 

Another great tip for shopping online for the perfect gift for an anniversary is to compare prices. Since you are online, it is very easy to look at other sites to find out if you can find cheaper prices. Make sure, however, when you are doing this, to take shipping into account. A lot of online shops will ship for free, Australia wide, but may have slightly higher prices. In this case, you want to look at the value of the price you are paying.

You will certainly want to make sure that you are focused on your partner’s needs and wants when getting Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker - anniversary gifts - portable coffee machinea great anniversary gift. (Cute Bold & Noble Love Print for him and her, Left). See if you can pick up cues on things they may want. Ask their family, friends, co-workers or even your own children to find out if they have any ideas on what Mum or Dad may want as an anniversary gift this year. (A great anniversary gift for a couple would have to be the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker, right. Its portable, easy, and they'll love it).


Finally, make sure there is a return policy just in case the recipient doesn’t like the gift. Shopping for anniversary gifts for men and women can really be quite simple if you keep these things in mind.

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Celebrate Peace & Perseverence this International Nelson Mandela Day

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International Nelson Mandela Day, 2012

Nelson Mandela celebrates his 94th birthday today, on what has now become known as International Nelson Mandela Day. One of the most inspiring figures in the world, Mandela has spent most of his life fighting for a better fate for South Africa and the world as a whole.

A great leader, whether he was inside a jail or speaking to thousands, Mandela has given us some of the most motivational and inspirational quotes to consider.

On Mandela's birthday on 18th July 2009, the first Mandela Day was launched in New York. Organised by the Nelson Mandela Foundation and 46664 concerts, the day consisted of a series of educational, fund raising and volunteer events, leading up to a big concert at Radio City Music Hall.

The 46664 organisation was established as a global HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign by Nelson Mandela and used his original prison number as its title. A series of high-profile concerts was arranged as a way of reaching as many young people as possible, and this campaign has expanded now to encompass all areas of the Mandela humanitarian legacy. It also works on confronting issues of social injustice.

On the 10th November 2009 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution recognising "Nelson Mandela's values and his dedication to the service of humanity, in the fields of conflict resolution, race relations, the promotion and protection of human rights, reconciliation, gender equality and the rights of children and other vulnerable groups, as well as the upliftment of poor and underdeveloped communities."

The UN made note of his contribution to the struggle for democracy internationally, as well as the promotion of peace throughout the world. They declared that from then on, 18th July would be known as Nelson Mandela International Day.

Apart from celebrating the great work of Mandela's life and his legacy, the day also forms part of a global movement to change the world for the better by encouraging people around the world to commit acts of kindness, and to embrace their individual power to make an impact. The day is a call to action for people to recognise that they CAN have a positive effect on others around them, and hopes to inspire people to embrace the values that Mandela has shared throughout the world. Who knows, it might leave you inspired enough to make every day a Mandela Day!

If you're looking for some ideas of ways to give back, check out the beautiful Random Acts of Kindness kits from Boom! Boom! Revolution. These packs of 26 cards are full of inspiration to help you give back, and come in four themes - Original, Teen, Green, and the great Family kit that everyone in the family can do together.

Boom Boom! Cards Random Acts of Kindness Kits

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Viva La France this Bastille Day with Fun, French Themed Gifts

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Bastille Day, on the 14th July every year, is the Dogeared Je T'aime necklace - beautiful anniversary gift for womenFrench national holiday, and since we love us some beautiful French style, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the great French-themed online gift ideas at Kindred Gifts.   

Symbolizing the birth of the Republic in France, Bastille Day — aka  La Fête Nationale — commemorates the storming of the Bastille, which took place on 14 July 1789 and marked the be ginning of the French Revolution. Bastille Day is famous for its Military Parade that is held on the morning of July 14, on the Maptote Manhattan Single Wine Tote - great gift for men or Father's Day gift ideaChamps-Elysees avenue in Paris. The event is the largest military parade in the world and has been held in beautiful Paris every year since 1880.

This 14th of July, march with your head held high wearing one of Dogeared’s sweet Je T’aime necklaces (or send it as a gift to someone special to remind them how much you love them); or head on a picnic or to a friend’s house with the striking Bold & Noble Type Map Print of France - unique Father's Day gift for DadMaptote Bordeaux Single or Double Wine Totes. Bring your baby along in style too with Maptote’s Paris Onesie, made of 100% organic cotton and super soft on baby’s skin.

Add a stylish French accent to your decor by featuring a Bold and Izola PEVE Paris Shower Curtain - great wedding gift idea or Christmas gift for womenNoble Type Map of France print in your home or office. Your bathroom will buzz too with one of Izola’s PEVA Paris Shower Curtains, which are made of PVC-free and lead-free material. You can also add a bit of spunk to your fridge by dressing it up with Kate Grenier Designs French or Paris themed magnet sets, handmade from recycled bottle tops.

If you’re feeling peckish, think French gastronomy Kate Grenier Designs 6 Pack Magnets - French. Great corporate gift idea or stocking stuffer at Christmasand their renowned range of world-class wines and cheeses. Avid foodies or wine lovers will have a blast recording all their favourite (or least favourite!) flavours in the 33 Books range of pocket sized journals. The range includes 33 Wines and33 Cheeses, as well as other fun specialties like beer, cigars, coffee and whiskey.

So don your beret, break out the bread sticks, and have a blast 33 Books range of Pocket Sized Tasting Journals - great gift idea for men and unique Christmas giftturning Francophile this Bastille Day with this fun round up of ideas to get you started. And as all these products are not only stylish but also sustainable, you can enjoy shopping for yourself or for gifts online without even feeling guilty. Tres Bien!

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Celebrate the Fourth of July with USA Themed Gift Ideas Today!

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When you hear 'USA', what’s the first thing you think of? It might be the comedy, the fast food, or even the Kardashians! The Fourth of July (Independence Day in the USA) has arrived, so why not celebrate the USA's birthday by adding a bit of 'Kim Kardashian' glam to your day?

Party it up by styling your bathroom with one of Izola's Brooklyn Bridge or Las Vegas PEVA shower curtains (free from PVC and lead so no nasty chemicals), or with a few quirky kitchen accessories, such as the funky Kate Grenier Vegas and New York magnet packs to dress up your fridge. Made from recycle

If you're looking for a great birthday gift idea for your Yankee friend, you can't go past the seriously stylish Type Map Print of the USA from London design firm, Bold and Noble. Available in two stylish colour options, these hand-pulled screen prints are beautiful to hang on the wall at the home or office, and are printed on 100% recycled stock.d bottle tops and vintage images, these cute designs make the perfect unique Christmas gift, stocking stuffer gift or a fantastic corporate gift idea for staff and clients.

You can have some fun and make your work mates jealous by  heading off to the office with the striking, organic cotton Stars and Stripes Lunch Bag from Canadian design brand Fluf. These cute lunch bags have a wipeable lining, are fully machine washable, and are printed with non-toxic inks. Stylish AND sustainable!

To keep the boys happy, check out the super cool Mighty Wallet men’s wallet range from Dynomighty. The funky Half Dollar or NYC Subway Mighty Wallets are a great gift for men of all ages, but make an excellent gift idea for teenagers, 18thbirthday gifts, or graduation presents.


Wine lovers will be thrilled with a gift of a Maptote Manhattan or Napa Valley wine tote (single & double bottle sizes available); while speaking of totes, Maptote have  also released the cute Mini NYC Tote Bags that are great gifts for teenage girls or women who love a day out shopping. Maptote haven't forgotten about the munchkins either – they have also created some beautiful organic cotton  onesies that are super soft and super cute. We love the NYC Icon Onesies as new baby gifts, baby shower gift ideas, or Christmas gifts for babies.

So, if you and the family haven't 'Yankee-ed' your selves up yet, enjoy spending a little time adding ‘Red, White and Blue’ to your day today!

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Top 10 Tips for Going Green Easily this World Environment Day!

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World Environment Day!

This event, taking place on the 5th of June 2012, is an annual event that brings awareness to the environment and what we can do as a community to improve human well-being and social equity, while reducing our environmental impact on the earth :) Here's a link for more information about the day and ways to get involved. 

Top 10 Tips for going green this environment day

1. Hang your clothes on the line to avoid using the dryer.

2. Use a reusable water bottle rather than regularly buying disposable plastic bottles that add to landfill. A great example of clever reusable bottle design is the 321 water bottle. This bottle is BPA free, created from recyclable materials and is designed and made in Australia. 

3. Save power by making sure appliances are turned off at the wall when not being used.

4. Reuse tote bags for shopping, instead of using nasty plastic bags that end up in landfill, aren't degradable, and often end up in waterways harming wildlife. Fluf Little One Handbags made from organic cotton, are a perfect step to helping the environment. 

5. Set air-con units to 25ºC to help reduce the energy cost of cooling our homes. Or you could open the window to let the breeze in. =]

6. Take public transport, walk or ride a bike to work or school. Organize with employers to work from home on some occasions too to save the commute. 

7. Choose stationery or other paper items made from recycled paper rather then using virgin pulp. For example, take a look at our range of environmentally safe Notebooks.

8. Use natural cleaning products in your home or office has a beneficial effect on the environment. Great natural options include bicarb soda, vinegar and lemon juice. This is a great way to keep our planet healthy. 

9. Choose organic locally produced meat, fruit and vegetables. This supports the producers that don't use chemicals on their goods. It also means less transporting miles if products aren't being shipped into the country and transported around Australia.

10. Have one meat free meal per week as animal farming is one of the highest emission producing areas. When shopping at the supermarket try looking for healthy and tasty vegetarian foods. If you're stuck for ideas try the lovely Australian vegetarian cookbook Martha Goes Green.

Following these simple tips will not only save you money but the planet as well! Do your part for our environment, this Environment Day. :)

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Repower Australia - Guest Blog Post - Gemma Borgo-Caratti from The Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Posted in 'Charities and non-profit organisations, Events and special occasions' on April 14, 2012, 9:00 am
The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) is building a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis. With more than 70,000 members, the AYCC runs projects and campaigns focusing on youth leadership, training young people with the skills to create the change that they want to see.

Gemma Borgo-Caratti, Business Development Manager at the AYCC  gives us a rundown on their cause and how they engage the community to reduce emissions:

We know that as young people, we stand to lose the most from climate impacts but we also have the most to gain from building a more sustainable future. Young people all over the country are taking action on this issue, like putting solar panels on roofs, making their office more sustainable and raising awareness of climate change. We also give young people a voice to create political change, so we can secure policies that safeguard our future against climate change.

This year our main focus is our Repower Campaign:

Repower Australia is an exciting new initiative which brings communities together to create real reductions in emissions and create a positive vision for renewable energy and climate action in Australia. Across the country, people are holding social fundraisers - like trivia nights, movie screenings and morning teas - where the money raised goes to energy efficiency or solar panels for their local workplace, cafe, supermarket, sports club or school.

There are already 70 events planned across the country and many more registering to hold their event in April-July. We’ve already had some great successes. For example, in Western Australia just last weekend we had a group of students from Curtain University who decided that they wanted to see one of the University halls retrofitted with more energy efficient technology, so they decided to hold a retro-fashion event. On the night they had over 200 people attend, they raised over $4,000 dollars for the venue, and the venue has now decided to put the money toward better air flow and new air-ducts to reduce their reliance on air conditioning.

By holding a Repower Event, we’re not only creating real reductions in greenhouse  emissions but we’re also educating our communities about renewable energy and efficiency solutions. Together these events will send a strong message that Australians support renewable energy investment - which will be heard in May when the government is considering a $10 billion investment fund for clean energy.

The AYCC is committed to giving young people the knowledge and skills to take action on climate change. We have a range of projects for young people to get involved in. This includes our Switched On Schools program which provides informative presentations, transformative summits and dedicated mentors to support students to run practical projects in their school like reducing waste, creating a school veggie patch and holding ride to school days. To learn more about the AYCC or support our initiatives - check out our website

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Guest Blogger Meagan Genovese gives us the facts on Hemp and Bamboo Fabrics

Posted in 'Baby Gifts and Gifts for Kids, Gifts for Men, Tips and Helpful Hints for Life, Work and the Home, Gifts for Women, Sustainable fashion, architecture and design, Events and special occasions' on March 23, 2012, 9:00 am

We asked our Guest Blogger Meagan Genovese from This Whole Family to share with us some facts on Hemp and Bamboo Fabrics.

Meagan is first and foremost a mama to two gorgeous little ones, a wife, a green cleaner and vegetarian chef, a writer, a yoga teacher, an animal rights activist and creator of all things homemade. She enjoys shopping, vegan baking and her newfound hobbies- sewing, knitting and photography. You can find her playing hide and seek at the park, drawing with crayons, reading a book or feeding her newborn while sipping soy chai lattes and nibbling on Fairtrade chocolate.

Hemp and Bamboo fabrics are all the rage nowadays and for good reason! From stylish clothing to luxury bed linen to funky table cloths and napkins, hemp and bamboo fabrics offer both luxury and sustainability.

Both hemp and bamboo grow, mature and are ready for harvesting faster than cotton which means they require fewer natural resources to produce each crop. Both hemp and bamboo require less water than cotton does and do not require pesticides or fertilisers, so, they are durable and more resistant to disease and insects. Hemp and bamboo are also highly adaptable and can grow in diverse climates and conditions making them highly sustainable fabric choices that can be grown and produced locally.

Hemp clothing is not only better for the environment, it is also durable, comfortable and contrary to popular belief- soft. Hemp is twice as strong as cotton and holds its shape well, preventing hemp garments from stretching over time. When hemp is turned into fiber it becomes very porous, which makes hemp clothing beautifully breathable and cool in warm weather. On the other hand, when air is trapped inside the fibers, it is warmed by the body, making hemp garments naturally warm in cooler weather. Hemp fabrics soften with wear and actually become more beautiful and lustrous with washing.

You can also enjoy the luxury of silky soft bamboo products while feeling good about the ethicality of your fashion choices. Bamboo grows at super speeds (up to 1-4 feet a day!) and is therefore harvested quickly and does not require intensive watering, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This makes bamboo products naturally more sustainable than other fabrics and fibers. Bamboo also prevents (and treats) soil erosion. The roots of the bamboo plant branch out from the stalk securing soil from erosion and preventing silt from overtaking rivers and streams. Bamboo fabric is soft, naturally breathable and repels UV rays making it highly suitable for hot and humid climates. Wedding Gifts - Manor12 Pillow Case

You can find a range of hemp and bamboo products at Kindred Gifts. The gorgeous Fleabags designer handbags; and Manor12’s pillow covers, and even tea towels and napkins, are all made from a beautiful and durable hemp and cotton blend.

Gifts for Women - Fleabags original flea bag

Baby gifts - Dandelion Bamboo Zoo Plush Giraffe

The adorable range of Dandelion plush animals is made from viscose bamboo as well as the very cute Hank and JoJo Retro tube socks, plus a trendy range of iPhone and iPod covers, earphones and dock from Vers Audio.Baby Gifts - Hank and JoJo Retro Tube SocksGifts for Men - Vers Audio Slimline iPhone 4/4S case

These hemp and bamboo based products are the perfect excuse to splurge on a new bag, shirt or some living room decor. When you buy hemp or bamboo textiles you're not only beautifying yourself and your environment, you’re also making an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for the greater environment too.

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Valentine's Day Sweet Treats For Your Loved One

Posted in 'Tips and Helpful Hints for Life, Work and the Home, Recipes, Events and special occasions' on February 11, 2012, 12:00 am
Want to treat your sweet heart with a delightful desert?  Here's a couple of recipe ideas from two of our favourite Australian cookbooks, Martha Goes Green and The Sustainable Table.

Martha Goes Green - Easy Vanilla Cupcakes
Martha Goes Green - Easy Vanilla Cupcakes

 Valentines Day Treats - Chocolate Cupcakes


The Sustainable Table - Raw Chocolate and Banana Tarts


Sustainble Table - Chocolate and Banana Tarts












Makes 8-10 small, 6 medium or 4 large tarts


summer, autumn, spring

"Food is unparalleled in its nutritional quality in its raw and natural state." Angela Gioffre



2 tbsp agave syrup

1 cup almonds, soaked in 1 cup of water for around 5 hrs

1/3 cup cashew cream

¼ cup cashews

¼ cup water

1/3 tsp vanilla essence/syrup

agave, to taste (optional)

ground cinnamon, to taste (optional)


3 tbsp cashew cream, see above

1 banana

1 tsp raw cacao powder

1 strawberry


strawberries, sliced

chocolate mint herb or mint leaves



1. Blend agave syrup and almonds, then press into flan tins of your desired size.

Cashew Cream

1. Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.

2. If you would like it a little sweeter add agave, or spices such as cinnamon.

3. Use, or store in the fridge until ready to use.

The cream keeps for about one week.


1. Blend cashew cream, banana, cacao powder and strawberry.

2. Spoon into flan tins.

3. Top with strawberries and a leaf of the chocolate mint or regular mint.

4. Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours and enjoy.




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Cheap & Cheerful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women, Events and special occasions' on February 7, 2012, 12:00 am

Looking for some affordable Valentine's Day gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend?

You don't need to have a lot of money to spend on Valentine's Day - many meaningful gifts aren't always the most expensive ones!

Here are a few ideas we've put together to help give you some inspiration for romantic Valentine's Day gifts for your loved one this year:

- Show off your kitchen skills and spoil them with their favourite home cooked meal or their favourite sweet dessert.

- Take them on a romantic picnic for two to their favourite outdoor spot (a park, the beach, a hilltop etc).

- Give them a gift of their favourite tea or coffee or choose a special new flavour for them to try; then add a cute reusable coffee cup that will always make them think of you. Melbourne-based Hookturn Industries makes super stylish silicone BYO Cups that always stand out in a crowd.

Hook Turn Cups - Gifts for WomenHook Turn BYO reusable Coffee Cups - Corporate Gifts

- Write them a heartfelt card or letter telling them why they’re so special to you – something they’re guaranteed to keep for a long time!

- Give them a fun gift that they’ll remember long after Valentine’s Day with some cute yet practical fridge magnets, such as the Kate Grenier range. Show them that you understand just what they hold dear to their heart, or their favourite pastime, by finding a specially themed magnet pack – do they love music, or golf? Are they vegetarians, artists, jetsetters or dog lovers for instance?

There is a magnet pack for every taste, and every time they walk past their fridge they’ll remember a special Valentine’s Day!

Kate Grenier Six Pack Magnets - Gifts for menKate Grenier Six Pack Magnets - Golf - Gifts for men

Kate Grenier Six Pack Magnets - Veg-out - Gifts for womenKate Grenier Six Pack Magnets - Artist - Birthday Gift

Kate Grenier Six Pack Magnets - Jetsetter - Gift IdeasKate Grenier Six Pack Magnets - Dog Lover - Birthday Gifts

- Surprise them with a handmade gift voucher – whether this is for a massage, a day off during chores or anything else you may feel in the mood to give (!) this can be an intimate yet affordable gift idea to help celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

- Does your man love his beer, wine, cigars, whiskey, cheese or coffee? Give him a pocket sized tasting journal from 33 Books and he’ll be able to record all his favourite brands in the one spot. At a cheap and cheerful $10.95-$12.95 each, they’re a great gift that will give him hours of entertainment. Add a journal to some of his favourite wine, beer, coffee etc and he’ll be a very happy boy!

33 Books - Gifts for Men

What's the best free or cheap Valentine's Day gift that you've ever given or received?

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How To Choose The Perfect Anniversary Gift: Tips to Help Make Gift Giving Easier!

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women, Events and special occasions' on February 4, 2012, 9:00 am
Choosing anniversary gifts can be one of the hardest things a couple is faced with, regardless of how long they have been married. Some of the best gifts are not the traditional ones that have been given over and over again. Men and women both want something more exciting, more thoughtful and less generic.

When it comes to choosing the perfect gifts for anniversaries, they should be innovative. Take a look at the designs of the gift options you see, and think about how unique or creative they are. If they look like a one-of-a-kind product, or something with a great story, then it’s certainly something that should be considered. If, however, it looks like it was created in bulk from a giant factory, then it probably doesn’t come from the heart like some of the other gifts that are readily available out there.

Trying to ask a person what they want will likely result in an unanswered question because people often don’t know exactly what they’d really like for anniversary presents. Even if they do, they generally don’t feel comfortable expressing it. What they do generally know though, is that they appreciate unique anniversary gifts, or meaningful gifts with a story behind them. Something that shows the gift giver has gone to effort and thought to choose something out of the ordinary and special.

At Kindred Gifts, we’re dedicated to ethical design – by that we mean gifts and experiences that not only look and feel great, but that are also better for the world. For example, these days there are so many great eco friendly anniversary gifts and handmade anniversary gift ideas available around the world, that it’s hard to go wrong. There are plenty of stunning and handmade items, crafted by artisans who love their work, so there is nothing quite like it on the planet. Plus, don’t forget that it’s a gift that is helping the environment or underprivileged communities, which shows that you, the gift giver, is not only conscious of the need to provide something unique, but also of being green and helping the planet at the same time.

1st year anniversary gift sets the precedent for the entire marriage. What a person buys their husband or wife on the first year will say a lot about the relationship. Jewellery is nice but it can be impersonal so make sure you think about their style when choosing metals or colours; as well as looking for something that isn’t the usual mainstream purchase, so that your loved one can see that you’ve really thought about the gift.
Flowers are nice too of course, but they wilt and aren’t around to look back on over the year(s). However, handmade gifts, Fairtrade gifts and organic gifts can provide just the right theme for an anniversary gift. Since traditional one year anniversary gifts are in the paper theme, you could choose from items as diverse as gift expBold and Noble My Heart Print - Great gift for womenerience vouchers (a fun photographic bike tour around Melbourne, $110, from Real Melbourne Bike Tours for instance); a beautiful hand pulled screen print from Bold & Noble (ladies love the My Heart print, $74.95, and the heart design illustrates just how much you love them!); or a handy pocket sized tasting journal from 33 Books (the 33 Beers journal, $10.95, is always a popular gift for men!).

Even for a 25th anniversary gift or a 50th anniversary gift, there are great anniversary gift ideas out there that revolve around being socially conscious. These can be gifts for the home, for a person’s desk at work or for a person to use on their own. A wide selection is important – such as the large range offered of online gifts at Kindred Gifts - so that a person gets something that they will actually use and keep.

The key to finding great anniversary gifts for women is to search for a present that they didn’t even know they wantDogeared Original Karma Necklace, Gold Dipped - Gorgeous gift for women!ed. Shop based upon their personality and interests, and search through unique and handmade gift ideas, and it will be the perfect gift that she will appreciate more than anything else. The Dogeared range of handmade jewellery, now available in Australia, is always a winner for women – beautiful designs that come with meaningful message cards, these pieces never go out of fashion and also give back to the world through Dogeared’s charitable donations. The Dogeared Original Karma necklace, $69.95, is often a popular choice from the range.

For anniversary gifts for men, however, the gifts can be more subtle. Even if they have another version of it, a handmade or Fairtrade item can be just what they need to update their look, the top of the dresser or their desk at work. Try a handpulled screen print from Bold & Noble for instance (like this Type Map Print of the World, $96.95), and they’ll have Bold and Noble Type Map Print World - Great anniversary gift!something to remember the special day, and something to decorate their office or home.

There are a lot of great anniversary gifts out there, so it’s a matter of finding the right one to match personality and interests. At Kindred Gifts, we offer a diverse range of online gifts in Australia (plus we send internationally too at affordable, flat rate shipping costs) so we’re always here to help make your gift giving choices easy.

Need a little expert advice and want to know some suggested gift ideas just for you? Get in touch with us via our Contact Us page, send us some info about yourself or the person you’re buying the gift for, and we’ll come back to you asap with some great gift ideas!

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from the Bold & Noble range of prints

Posted in 'Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women, Sustainable fashion, architecture and design, Events and special occasions' on February 1, 2012, 12:00 am

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Bold and Noble

Bold and Noble My Heart PrintCommandment number one - thou shall not forget Valentine's Day! Whether your partner appreciates Valentine's gifts completely left of field, or is a 'gift from the heart' type person, you could very well be saved from near disaster with one or several of these unique gift ideas from award winning UK design firm Bold & Noble.

Valentine’s Day is one of the more unique calendar holidays, because it is the only one specifically dedicated to celebrating the love between two people. Nice, huh? Instead of the usual flowers and chocolate this year, why not share the love this Valentine's Day with some unique and stylish Bold and Noble prints for your loved one? With a Valentine's Day gift from online gift store Kindred Gifts,Bold and Noble Endless Love Print you can give your partner a memorable keepsake that can be treasured forever...besides you of course!  Love is definitely in the air this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

Valentine's Day gifts should be about the excitement, the passion, and the fun of the unexpected. Why give a gift that is temporary in sight as well as in memory?  Spoil your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with these stunning prints by Bold and Noble (all $74.95) that will add instant colour and flair to her house or office.
Bold & Noble LOVE print in Poppy Red - the perfect Valentine's Day gift for women!
Express your love with an unforgettable My Heart print in 'Raspberry' (top left) or the striking and symbolic Endless Love print in 'Dark Mulberry' (top right).

Nothing says "I love you" quite like the bold ‘Poppy Red’ LoveBold and Noble Flora Print print (left), that shouts it from the wall! 

Or if your lady loves to garden or is inspired by nature, you can’t go past the simple yet exquisite Flora print in 'Raspberry' (right) from Bold & Noble.

Give that special lady love in your life a unique gift from Bold & Noble this Valentine’s Day, and her heart is sure to flutter!
Bold & Noble World Type Map Print - a special Valentine's Day gift idea for men!
Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

Do you always feel like Valentine's Day is for women, so you feel lost when it comes to your ‘turn' to give a gift? Worry no more!  Love makes the world go 'round, and in every corner of the globe you can find places that make the heart soar, especially with these handpulled screen printed Bold and Noble Type Map Prints, $74.95, featuring various countries around the world – or Bold and Noble Australia Printeven the whole World (top right), $96.95, itself! 

These striking and stylish hand-pulled screen prints range from the entire World, to individual countries/continents such as Australia (left) and New Zealand and Japan, to Africa, British Isles, France, Italy, Ireland, USA and Canada.  The prints even delve into even more geographical detail, with specially designed prints of cities such as The Big Apple (New York) and London (below right).
Bold and Noble London Print
Help him get organised yet stay stylish in 2012 with Bold & Noble’s new 2012 Wall Calendars, $49.95. Available in two eye-catching styles, Geometric or Doodle (below left), these funky, fresh designs will add character and organization to any office or home work space.

Made by hand, and printed onto recycled stock, all of the prints from Bold & Noble are not only stylish, but also a fantastic environmentally friendly gift for men this Valentine’s Day.

Bold and Noble Wall Calendar PrintsEach print is available in two striking colour options, and looks fabulous when framed and mounted in offices, kitchens, living areas or bedrooms.
Give that special guy in your life a unique gift from Bold & Noble this Valentine’s Day, and you’ll have earned brownie points for many years to come! 


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Celebrating Australia Day with some cool Australian & Aussie themed products

Posted in 'Events and special occasions' on January 26, 2012, 9:00 am
Australia Day, January 26th,  is a day of fun celebrating our country and culture, but it also commemorates the establishment of the first settlement at Port Jackson, in 1788.

In Australia we celebrate with all sorts of fun events and activities... barbecues, Aussie thong parties and thong throwing events, picnics and fireworks.

At Kindred Gifts, we have some cool Australian & Aussie themed products to celebrate Australia Day.

Kate Grenier "Australia" magnets

Kate Grenier Designs Six Pack Magnets - Australia
How cute are these Kate Grenier six-pack of collectible Australiana magnets. What a great gift for your overseas visitors. They are unique in design, sophisticated, artistic and whimsical, providing fabulous eye-candy in both design and taste. Made from recycled bottled caps - they’re green and they’re fun!

Bold & Noble Type Map Print AustraliaBold and Noble Type Map Australia Print - Corporate Gifts


Here’s a very stylish typography map of Australia that would make the perfect gift for the patriotic Australian. Each print is hand pulled onto 100% recycled card and comes packaged in a robust cardboard tube. What a great gift or look that adds that very contemporary feel to your office space.


LI'TYA Travel Gift Pack - Gifts for WomenLi’tya skincare packs

 LI'TYA (Le-dee-ya) is a unique range of quality skin care products made in Australia using Aussie ingredients that integrate Indigenous modalities, utilising the precious qualities of the Australian earth, and uses only pure botanical bases, organic Australian plants, pure essential oils and contains no artificial fragrances.

Show how much your care by giving this gorgeously presented skincare pack to a special lady in your life. This beautiful pack includes the cream cleanser, Macadamia facial hydrating cream, Munthari hand lotion, Wattleseed protein polish and Tasmanian peat and red ochre soap.

We love that a percentage of all sales goes back into the supporting indigenous charities including the Yothu Yindi Foundation (YYF) and the Dilthan Yolngunha: The Healing Place. The Healing Place is a groundbreaking community respite and rehabilitation where Indigenous people are treated through traditional healing practices, using medicines from the 'bush pharmacy' and time-honoured cultural practices and traditions.


Martha Goes Green - A Vegetarian CookbookMartha Goes Green - A Vegetarian Cookbook - Gifts for Women

Martha Goes Green contains over fifty of Rosie Percival and Ruth Friedlander’s favorite vegetarian recipes. The book includes mouth watering recipes - everything from starters and soups to delicious mains, vegan and gluten free dishes inspiring the inner cook within all of us.

The book features beautiful hand drawn illustrations and is packaged in an organic and reusable book bag manufactured in India under a fair trade system.

What a beautiful addition to your cookbooks or the perfect Australiana gift for an overseas guest. Printed on recycled paper, this gorgeous book also comes in a reusable book bag made from fair-trade organic cotton.

Homesum Frond Fruit Bowl - Gifts for Women

Homesum Frond fruit bowl

Frond is a unique flat-packed fruit bowl made using sustainably sourced Tasmania Blackwood and Silver Ash. This extremely lightweight piece creates a warmth and wonder, and a slight bit of intrigue with it’s puzzle like design, making it an extraordinary centrepiece on any table and a unique gift.

Frond's Australian aesthetic and locally sourced components increase its appeal both internationally and in Australia.

321 Water Bottle 321 Reusable Water Bottle Pack

The 321 Water Bottle is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to the conventional water bottle and reduces the use of fossil fuels, carbon emissions and waste associated with drinking regular bottled water. And here something we love… It’s the only water bottle not only designed but also MADE in Australia.

Sustainable Table cookbook

The Sustainable Table Cookbook - Gifts for WomenThe Sustainable Table cookbook not only looks great, it’s an very informative cookbook full of recipes and stories from notable chefs, farms, producers, winemakers and everyday people who are altering their food choices to reduce their impact on the environment.

This book comprises beautiful images and would make an ideal gift for anyone interested in learning about sustainability in an informal and practical way.

Made by non-profit group, proceeds go to supporting various environmental charities both locally and abroad.

Little Pumpkin organicsLittle Pumpkin Organics Arctic Berry Gift Set - Baby Gifts

Little Pumpkin’s signature Arctic Berry Newborn Collection is the perfect gift for mums to be, new babies, baby showers and Christenings. This beautiful gift set containing three essential newborn products: Arctic Berry Soothing Massage Oil, Arctic Berry Bath Potion and Arctic Berry Moisture Lotion is developed using traditional artisan techniques.

Designed to nurture and nourish the delicate skin of 0 to 3 month olds, the set contains Arctic red raspberry, Arctic cranberry, Arctic lingonberry and Arctic blackcurrent, complemented by blueberry and blackberry oils.

The range is 100% natural and pure, non-animal and fragrance free, 70-98% organic and made in Australia.

Brain Box Australia

Green Board Game Brain Box Memory Recall Game - Gifts for Kids

A recall memory game that’s eco friendly, educational and fun for the family to play. Brain Box Australia is beautifully illustrated and well researched and comes in a nicely packaged study magnetic cube box.

Making the perfect birthday or gift idea for kids of all ages, it’s also a great way to help kids learn whilst also being educational and giving them a general knowledge of Australia and it’s history in such a fun way.

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Earth Day 2011: How you can join in the eco celebrations

Posted in 'Events and special occasions' on April 21, 2011, 2:00 pm

"We can try to avoid making choices by doing nothing, but even that is a decision" - Gary Collins

Another day, another important cause.... It’s easy to switch off isn’t it?

But you can make the choice now to either switch off and click on to something else or read on and become a little more aware of what you can do to help in this fragile world we share. You may even pledge to get involved and actually do something! After all, awareness is good, but action is great!

Friday 22nd April 2011 is dedicated to Earth Day, a day intended to inspire awareness and mobilise individuals and corporations worldwide to demonstrate their committment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Earth Day was founded in 1970 by peace activist John McConnell, and is celebrated in more than 175 countries each year. It's not just for the 'tree huggers' and 'hippies' and it's not a 'passing fad'.  Just like Apple and Microsoft, it's here to stay. It has to be. We've finally woken up and realised that the old ways aren't going to cut it anymore and change is inevitable.

Here are a few simple things you can do to help today. Remember:

Whether you do something big or start small, every step towards a greener future is a good one.

Tips for an eco friendly life:

- Wash your clothes on a cold cycle, and use eco friendly laundry detergents

- Where possible cycle to work or the shops, or catch public transport. Arrange with your employers to work from home at least some days every month

- Buy recycled paper, get stationery printed using eco friendly soy inks and only print emails where really necessary

- Recycle at home and work, and try to donate or reuse those items that can't be recycled

- Clean using natural (and non-toxic) ingredients like bicarb soda, vinegar and lemon

- Buy eco friendly, handmade, fairtrade and charitable gifts that give back to the world

- Buy local, organic and free range fruit, vegetables, meat and other groceries

- Cut back on the amount of meat you eat every week - a great place to start is with instigating one meat-free day per week

- Buy organic clothing or clothing made from eco friendly bamboo or hemp fibres

- Choose BPA-free resusable water bottles and lunch boxes

Want to find out about local Earth Day events, or information on how you can get involved? Head to the Earth Day website for more information and tips, including the opportunity to pledge your commitment to the environment and declare your Act of Green. 

So far over 100 million Acts of Green have been pledged from people all around the world, including many well known figures and celebrities. 

These celebs have registered their Act of Green at www.billionactsofgreen.org in the hope of inspiring others to follow their lead:

Leonardo DiCaprio, actor (seen in films such as Titanic, and The Departed)– An avid environmentalist, DiCaprio pledged $1 million to World Wildlife Fund for urgent tiger conservation. DiCaprio and the WWF teamed up to launch www.SaveTigersNow.org, where supporters can learn more about the rapidly dwindling tiger population; why tigers are important to the planet and humanity; and how to take action to prevent this species from going extinct. 

Matthew Modine, actor (films include Married to the Mob and Any Given Sunday)- A well known environmental activist, Matthew has most recently designated that all the proceeds from opening weekend of the new, animated film MIA AND THE MIGOO will support Earth Day Network's Canopy Project, which is part of the Billion Acts of Green Campaign. The movie opens in theaters on Earth Day, 4/22/11.

Sienna Miller, actor (films include Alfie and Layer Cake)- Visited India as a Green ambassador for Global Cool to help raise awareness among the people of India about the harmful effects of global warming.

Edward Norton, actor (films include Primal Fear and Fight Club)- Ran the New York City Marathon with a team of Maasai warriors in support of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, raising over $1 million through his site, Crowdrise.com. Crowdrise is a place for online fundraising, event fundraising, volunteering and having the most fun in the world while doing it.

Ian Somerhalder, actor (work includes The Vampire Diaries and Lost) - Created the IS Foundation to educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures – the organization recently collaborated with Conservation International to save over 300 acres of forest.


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New Kate Grenier Designs magnet packs in - perfect Valentine's Day gifts!

Posted in 'Events and special occasions' on February 4, 2011, 12:52 pm

We're excited to have received some brand new magnet packs to add to our funky Kate Grenier Designs magnets packs.

The range includes some wonderful options for the day of love on Feb 14, including 'Valentine's Day','Sexy', 'Romance' and 'Chocolate'. At only $24.95 AUD each they make a unique and romantic gift!

The guys will also love options such as 'Beer', 'Wine Lover','Golf', 'Office', 'Cheers', 'Jetsetter' and lots more.

With over 50 different designs now in stock, you'll be able to find a great Valentine's Day gift or corporate gift for everyone!

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Celebrate Australia Day with these little beauties!

Posted in 'Events and special occasions' on January 22, 2011, 9:08 pm
Sick of blue thongs or temporary tattoos on Australia Day? We've got another solution!

Show your patriotism on Australia Day with the elegant Type Map Australia print from design firm Bold & Noble. Printed on recycled card stock and available in two sophisticated colours - Sheer Slate or Duck Egg Blue - the print makes a fantastic addition to any home or office space. That's right, we've found an eco friendly and classy way to show your pride in your country - who would have thought it? :)

The Australia Type Map continues to be one of our most popular online gifts and has even been popular for expats living overseas who want a little piece of home with them. Available in either Slate or Duck Egg Blue  and selling for $74.95, these unique prints are a real conversation piece and look great in any area - offices, living rooms and bedrooms. The Type Map print is perfect for decorating reception areas and boardrooms in offices, or as a corporate gift for clients, as well as making great birthday gifts or fantastic gifts for men. 
The prints are delivered to you in a mailing tube and ready to frame. We recommend you add these Bold & Noble prints to your shortlist if you want eco friendly gifts that will truly be remembered!

When we think of Australia Day, we think of celebrating it on the beach. You always see a game of beach cricket going on and a couple of kids frantically trying to stop the waves ruining the sandcastle they just made. Their attention never lasts long though and then they're off looking for another game to play!
Designed for kids but great for the grown ups too (you get sick of playing the same games with them time and time again right?). When the kids beg you to get involved and play with them, make sure you pack these Fun In The Sack games along with the esky, umbrella and sunscreen next time you go to the beach or to a backyard get together. 
You can buy the Ring Toss or Egg and Spoon Race separately or you might prefer to keep them busy having fun for longer with the 4 in 1 game pack that adds sack races and the three legged race to the mix. The games are made from eco-friendly natural materials and are packaged in eco-friendly hessian reusable bags. They're quick and easy to pack away and hard wearing too, so your kids will get plenty of play time out of them. Also, we don't think we're alone in thinking that these would make much better birthday gifts than one of those Zhu Zhu pets or some other plastic junk from China!

So, that sorts the kids out if you're heading to the beach or a BBQ this Australia Day.  But most importantly of all don't forget these for the blokes! It wouldn't be Australia Day without one! 
You won't want to go past the fabulous Resource Revival bottle openers.
New to Australia and exclusive to Kindred Gifts, these fun, functional gadgets are handmade from recycled bicycle parts!
Available in a range of colours, and for sale at a bargain $14.95, these openers are flexible, compact and very hard wearing.
A perfect gift for men or corporate gifts too, you won't want to go through summer or attend a barbie without one!


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