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33 Books - 33 Cigars Pocket-Sized Cigar Journal
33 Books - 33 Cigars Pocket-Sized Cigar Journal

33 Books - 33 Cigars Pocket-Sized Cigar Journal

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How else can you remember a great tasting (or bad tasting) cigar? Use a 33 Cigars Tasting journal! Go ahead and buy a Cigar journal for yourself - you deserve it. Even better, buy one for yourself and some for your cigar-loving buddies!

-    Unique pocket-sized tasting notebooks
-    Printed on 100% recycled paper using soy-based ink.
-    Great pocket-sized notebooks that slip easily into your pocket, shirt pocket, or bag
-    Only 0.3cm (1/8") thick; and measuring approximately 14.5cm x 8.9cm (5.7 x 3.5").
-    Places to record start and finish date of the journal; plus space to input your contact details in case your journal accidentally gets left behind!
-    Outside covers hand-embossed 3 times with white, gold, and leafy foils for an extra special, luxury finish.

“Smoke 'em if you got 'em”. Yep that’s the catch cry for 33 Cigars cigar journal. This unique gift idea provides a great gift for men who want an easy way to record their favourite stogies in a very upscale package (check out the swish gold embossing!).

Inside the book is a unique flavour wheel so you can record the taste of the cigar (eg. earthy, nutty, woody etc), along with space to record all the other all important details, like the cigar name and the maker.  The books are quite unique with the outside cover hand-embossed three times after it’s printed, once with white foil, once with gold foil, and once with the leafy, dimensional texture for an extra special finish.

33 Books are designed to help flavour enthusiasts quickly record tasting notes on their favourite foods and beverages. A unique “flavour wheel” is included on each of the 33 pages of note-taking space, which provides a quick, visual way to describe flavour. Simple check-boxes for key information (such as a 'flavour meter') further speed up the process.

A must have, unique gift idea for any cigar enthusiast, your Dad, friend, colleague, son or any bloke (over 18 of course!) can use his notebook when he really wants to remember which stogie tasted best! It’s his own little cigar review, so he can remember the important details of each type. This convenient pocket sized, portable notebook is the ideal way to record all those tasting notes for future reference!

Approximate size of the journal: 14.5cm x 8.9cm (5.7 x 3.5").


These little notebooks make the perfect unique gift for men, and a great gift idea for any cigar connoisseur. If you’re looking for a fun and unusual gift for Valentine’s Day; a quirky anniversary gift for men; a memorable Corporate gift or Secret Santa gift; or an eco friendly birthday gift, this notebook range is perfect! The range of notebooks from 33 Books also make wonderful gifts for groomsmen – perhaps even able to be used on the buck’s night?!

We love that 33 Books are inexpensive and highly portable. They easily fit in the front or back pocket of a pair of jeans, and are thinner than most mobile phones. 

We also love that all the books in the 33 Books range are eco-friendly. Printed on 100% recycled paper with hand-set type printed in soy ink, what’s not to love about this fun range of books designed for interactive journaling?

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