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Gifts > GIFTS FOR WOMEN > HookTurn - BYO Reusable Coffee Cup - Allsorts Black Cup/Pink Lid  PRODUCT ID HOOK0107

HookTurn - BYO Reusable Coffee Cup - Allsorts Black Cup/Pink Lid

HookTurn - BYO Reusable Coffee Cup - Allsorts Black Cup/Pink Lid

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Start saving the planet, one coffee at a time!

Noticed how everyone these days arrives with a take-away coffee in hand? Think about it. All those coffee cups are used just once and then binned. Every day. Day after day. Itís a huge waste of resources. Well, now thereís an answer to this problem, and a good looking one at that - the BYO Coffee Cup, a cool way of enjoying the coffee of your choice, without adding more rubbish to the world.

The BYO Coffee (or tea) Cup is the cool looking coffee cup that can be re-used again and again and again, which means it wonít contribute to the mountain of discarded paper coffee cups littering the streets and bins around the world. Designed to look exactly like a take-away coffee cup, the BYO Coffee Cup is made from naturally BPA-free silicone that won't harbour any odours or bacteria. Free from petro-chemicals, the cups are light, flexible and will withstand 200 degree celcius heat. It keeps your coffee, tea or hot chocolate warm, yet itís cool to the touch. Use it. Wash it. Use it again. Show it off. Feel smug that you're saving the planet AND looking stylish while you do it!

Dishwasher friendly. Microwave friendly. User friendly. Climate friendly.

Available in two convenient sizes - 8 oz (230ml) or 12 oz (340ml).


Designed by innovative Melbourne design firm HookTurn Industries, the fabulous BYO Cups will suit any friend or family member, and make an ideal birthday gift, corporate gift or office Kris Kringle gift.

Not just good lookers, these cups are also eco friendly planet savers with distinctive personalities. Suitable for coffee shops and franchise chains, the cups have been made to meet standard cup sizes at all your local coffee haunts - so no need to worry about using ugly, non-recyclable cups that burn your hands any more!

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