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About Kindred Gifts

Bringing You Australia’s Best
Eco & Sustainable Gifts

– Australia’s Experts In Eco & Green Gifting | Finding You The Best Products & Amazing Deals –

Our small dream, has grown to create a huge impact in Australia’s online gift industry.

Kindred Gifts began as a teeny tiny small online store. Started with passion, focus and many, many, many sleepless nights and the most intense long hours, we sourced an amazing range of gifts and products from around the world and around Australia to deliver to our customers.

We were tired of mass-produced rubbish that was mass-produced in sweat-shops, was low quality and really, really bad for the environment. So we decided we could do better! 

One of Australia’s pioneer websites for green gifts and eco gifts, along with sustainable gifts and ethically produced gifts, our range included everything from homewares to kids toys. But we knew we just couldn’t make the impact we so very much wanted to. So we knew we had to move our vision for Kindred Gifts into something that helped us achieve more impact and reach  more people.

In 2018 Kindred Gifts has re-branded as an eco gifting, ethical gifting and sustainable gifting directory and info site. We’re dedicated to sourcing, reviewing and announcing the hottest new trends in gifts that are good for the earth, and helping brands and companies reach a wider audience through our well-established network.

A Small Team

Our team is small but passionate, working directly with brands, businesses and artisans to give them a voice and a way to get their ethical, eco gifts out to the world.

We do our best to stay on-trend with the latest in ethical and green gifting so that you can find up to date information, the hottest new products and more, right here, and know why those products are worth choosing, and where you can buy them.

We help make your green gifting easier, more informed and of course, find you the best deals too!

We say NO to damaging, mass-produced products, instead, we say YES to beautiful artisan gifts that follow the code of being green, sustainable, ethically produced and organic where possible. We bring you the best eco, green, ethical and sustainable gifts from around the world, so that you know with every gift you purchase, your recipient will not only love it, but be supporting the earth and its people with the best of intentions.