Elf On The Shelf Australia – The Best Guide Ever!

Best Elf On the Shelf Australian Guide

Elf On The Shelf Australia – The Best Guide Ever!

It’s official! Christmas is all about Elf On The Shelf, Australia loves these cheeky little characters! There’s nothing more fun than watching little mischievous Christmas Elves take over the internet for the month of December. If you have young children of your own, nieces, nephews or grandchildren, or just friends with kids, then chances are you’ve seen these cheeky little Santa’s Helper Elves keeping a close eye on who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, all the while having a little bit of fun while children sleep.

We’ve created the must-read Elf On The Shelf Australia Guide to cover everything you need to know about buying an Elf On the Shelf, Finding the Cheapest Elf On The Shelf, names, pets, accessories and so much more.


What Is The Elf On The Shelf Australia Trend?

While it may seem that Santa’s little elf helpers have just arrived on the festive scene, this fun Xmas tradition began as a book, way back in 2005. The Shelf On The Elf is a simple idea: A special little elf is sent from the North Pole, and their job is to watch over children across the world in the lead up to Christmas.

Australia Elf On The Shelf ToyWhat are Christmas Elves watching for? Whether children are naughty or nice of course! It may sound simple, buy an Elf On The Shelf Toy, pop it in your child’s bedroom and that’s it right? WRONG!!! This fun little character has started an entire internet craze of getting up to fun antics to keep kids amused.

You see, when a scout elf is adopted by a child or their family, it must report back to Santa every night by returning to the North Pole. But what does a scout elf do when it isn’t watching children or reporting to Santa? Well often they get up to mischief it seems! Adults are going absolutely crazy coming up with fun and sometimes cheeky ways to pose the little elf waiting for sleepy children to wake the next morning.

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What Is An Elf On The Shelf Toy?


ideas for things to do with the elf on the shelfThe Elf On The Shelf began as a beautiful festive children’s book with a cute elf toy included and has sprouted into a worldwide sensation. What is The Elf On The Shelf Toy? A fabulous gift for boys and girls to bring some extra special joy to Christmas.

What began as a single product has now turned into a wonderland of different elves, from boy elves to girl elves, there are elf accessories including clothes, dress-up sets, play kits, Christmas decorations, there’s plush elves, superhero elves and so much more.

The best thing about these fun toys is that they can be used year after year so that the fun continues, just add some new accessories, or find some new ways to let the elves get up to mischief overnight and the entire family will find new levels of joy and festive laughter.

There is an entire movement around fun things to do with the shelf on the elf toys, and we’re sure you’re going to have a never-ending month of play this December.


Who Are The Best Elf On The Shelf Australia Stockists?


The Elf on The Shelf began overseas, so we’ve found that it can sometimes be difficult to source in Australia. If you’re looking for the best stockists of The Elf On The Shelf in Australia, then we recommend shopping online to save time and hassle.

We recommend ordering your Elf On The Shelf EARLY so that it arrives well before Christmas.

It’s best to stick with a reputable site when shopping for your very own elf, and for that reason, we’ve found that Amazon and Ebay are the two best places to find The Elf On The Shelf in Australia

Shop the best Elf Deals on AMAZON NOW  or if you prefer,  Shop the best Elf Deals on EBAY NOW 


How much Is Elf On The Shelf?


The Elf On The Shelf is a toy that has been beautifully been crafted to last and bring joy for many years. Because as the wonderful quality, an authentic Elf on the Shelf is an investment in Christmas joy.

The price of The Elf On The Shelf varies because of the variety of genuine toys and cheaper imitation options. The original is, of course, the most beautiful of all as far as quality goes, but for those unable to afford it, the imitation options offer just as much fun.

Original Elf On The Shelf imitation toys can start in price from as little as $5 with the more amazing play sets costing from $30 right through to $150, most of these containing dress up clothing, fun toys and pets for the lucky little Christmas elf.


Elf On The Shelf Accessories – What’s Popular?


If the fun begins with the purchase of an Elf On The Shelf, it continues with the never-ending range of accessories and clothing, pets and decorations that are popping up all over the internet.

Need a little elf shovel? Perhaps an elf hot air balloon to take them on a ride, some candy canes or some secret scout elf notes that are delivered from Santa? There’s stickers, paper craft, beds and so much more.

The best thing about the growing popularity of these little Christmas buddies is that the range continues to improve and expand every year, so making the purchase this year is like an investment in festive fun for future years to come.

We’d love to hear about all the adventures your shelf on the elf has been up to in the wait for Santa to arrive. Have you been naughty or nice?

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