Best Natural Deodorant Australia Loves: We Find The Favourites

Best Natural Deodorant Australia Loves: We Find The Favourites

Everyone worries about: Body Odour, even if nobody likes to talk about it!! For the past 4 years, we’ve used nothing but natural deodorants in our house. Perhaps we’re a little late to non-toxic skincare, but I hadn’t really considered how important 100% natural deodorant is until looking for solutions for my growing children .

The desire to minimise the impact of chemicals my children’s skincare put me on the hunt for natural hygiene solutions. However, when it came to combating body odour, I was really concerned that natural products might not handle the task of keeping teenagers stink-free. The last thing I wanted was for them to go out into the world with horrible B.O. so hubby and I decided we’d try out any products first, and then if it worked, the kids would give it a go.

Is Natural Deodorant Better For You?

sukin natural deodorants in AustraliaUntil a few years ago, this wasn’t really a question I’d bothered to ask myself. I’d been raised using supermarket brands, and that’s what I’d continued using through my teens and into my twenties. I’d tried natural deodorant in the past, more as a trend than because of concern over my own health. Enter my own children growing up and concern over their health and healthy skincare choices became a must-have for our home.

When thinking of ways to stop body odour, antiperspirants are generally what you’ll find on the supermarket shelves. Antiperspirants are advertised to be the most effective way to stop body odour, keep underarms fresh and as being best for sports and heavy amounts of physical activity. The problem is with how anti-perspirant deodorants work.

How Do Antiperspirant Deodorants Work And Are They Bad?

Antiperspirant deodorants work by blocking sweat glands. For an antiperspirant to block sweat glands, chemicals are used – often harsh chemicals, including metals such as aluminium. Aluminium salts such as Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Chlorohydrate and others are absorbed into the sweat ducts causing the cells to swell, blocking the sweat ducts and minimising sweat production.

Unfortunately, these same chemicals that prevent sweating have also been linked to health problems such as breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and liver toxicity. Just because a product is sold on the shelves, doesn’t mean that product is safe for long-term use, and for those people who are concerned about the effects of constant chemical use on sensitive areas of the skin, organic and natural solutions are definitely best.

What Is The Best All-Natural Deodorant

Australian made natural deodorantsNatural deodorants are just like every other type of organic skincare, the choice of which one you use is totally personal. For our family, we started out using a stick-form deodorant. We’ve now moved onto an organic deodorant paste. This paste comes in a handy recyclable or re-usable tin that lasts an entire month, and I can’t imagine using anything else. Not only that, it works so much better than antiperspirant supermarket brands ever did! Even our 16-year-old son doesn’t smell. At all!

How To Choose A Natural Deodorant

When it comes to natural deodorant, Australia has some leading brands available. Like all skincare products, we love supporting Australian made brands if we can, and when choosing a deodorant paste, we tested two brands, the first from Black Chicken Remedies and the second was No Pong.

Both of these brands are made in Australia and are both Australian made. Black Chicken make a range of natural skincare for all skin types including sensitive skin, while No Pong specialises in all-natural deodorant paste in both bi-carb soda free formulation for sensitive skin and a regular formulation which includes bi-carb.

What Is Natural Deodorant Paste?

bicarb free deodorantNatural deodorant pastes are generally made with similar ingredients, including beeswax, bi-carb soda and essential oils. There are recipes available online for those who would like to make their own (we haven’t tried this yet), but before hitting the kitchen, choosing from one of the readily available Australian organic deodorant brands is an easy and affordable way to see if natural deodorant is a good choice for you or your family.

How To Apply Natural Deodorant?

When using an organic deodorant paste it couldn’t be easier. Simply use a pea-size amount and apply it to the underarm area and enjoy being odour free for around 24 hours. We love using No Pong deodorant and it really is as simple as that to stay stink free.

Why Do Natural Deodorants Burn?

For people with sensitive skin, bicarbonate of soda can cause irritation. While this mostly isn’t harmful due to bicarb being a natural ingredient, it can cause rashes and redness, especially with ongoing use. Irritation caused by bicarbonate of soda can feel like a burn, but a reaction doesn’t mean that natural deodorant can’t be used. Most organic deodorant brands offer natural choices for sensitive skin, which are often bicarb free.

Where To Buy The Best Natural Deodorant Australia Has On Offer?

The best of the best natural deodorants aren’t generally available for sale in the general supermarkets, but they are readily available. Health food stores have a wide range of alternatives so that you can ditch the toxic antiperspirants. Of course, if you’d prefer to do your organic skincare shopping online then there’s a range of online health food stores with a huge choice available.

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